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Libra is delicate and gentle in many ways . . . in the bed is not one of the places you’ll see this manifest, though! Sure, during foreplay there may (hopefully!) be plenty of dirty talk—they are an Air sign, after all. They’ll play coy, especially because they love being pursued. They’ll blush when you send a nude, but...

June 11, 2021LibraSun Sign

Ruled by sensual Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, Libra knows romance, but do they know love? They certainly yearn to. The immature Libra feels their life can’t be complete until they’ve fallen in love. The wise Libra has learned that being in love doesn’t “complete” anything. It just opens more doors: doors to...

June 11, 2021LibraSun Sign

The Sun sets on the horizon. The Moon shines brightly. It is the equinox, and there is equal day and night. The wheel has spun through the first half of the zodiac, and now a new perspective arrives as the wheel reaches the opposition of its starting point; a mirror is created, and Venus likes...

June 11, 2021LibraSun Sign

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