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Virgo loves a wholesome vibe, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to feel you up while you two are watching TV under the quilt their grandmother sewed. So much of Virgo’s life is measured and controlled; they’re very analytical people. However, sex and masturbation are opportunities for them to step away from their...

June 11, 2021Sun SignVirgo

Purity is certainly a theme tied to the energy of Virgo; however, don’t be fooled by their name. Virgo is an Earth sign, and they are very physical—and very lusty. They love to connect with others, intellectually and sexually, and these cerebral people can even flow with no strings attached when the mood strikes. But...

June 11, 2021Sun SignVirgo

Deep in the woods, squirrels are burying acorns, bees are buzzing, a fox is on the hunt, and a tree houses a flock of sparrows. To some, this may seem like chaos, but to Virgo, all of this is in perfect balance: each animal and plant plays its part. An Earth sign, Virgo, in a...

June 11, 2021Sun SignVirgo

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