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Cancers may appear shy, but don’t be fooled. They very much enjoy pursuing their crushes and like to take charge in relationships. Cancer may be the homemaker of the zodiac, but they are incredibly freaky. They’re intrigued by power and domination in bed, so ask them how they feel about BDSM. Don’t be afraid to...

June 10, 2021CancerSun Sign

Cancer’s ultimate destiny is to create a safe and nurturing home. Finding the right person to do it with is the big question, but one Cancer isn’t necessarily looking to answer right away. Scuttling around the beach in their protective shell, Cancer dances from side to side. The crab meets many people during their life’s...

June 10, 2021CancerSun Sign

Waves crash—a powerful rush, followed by the ocean gently pulling back—on the shore where the crab calls home. Home is an important theme to Cancer. Their crab shell is symbolic of their journey toward developing a life that is safe, protected, and sturdy, capable of deflecting the bullshit life tosses at them and holding them...

June 10, 2021CancerSun Sign

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