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AstroNidan fulfills each of the consultation requests with great sincerity and consistency. We give you an honest opinion, free from any bias. Our objective is to simplify your decision-making process, alert you about future risk & danger, maximize your result & growth through the right guidance and recommendations.

We adhere to our core values in fulfillment of each product and service, and we never compromise on our core values. 

These core values define who we are.

Personalized & Relevant Values @AstroNidan
1. Personalized

Each horoscope is unique, and no two people born at the same time & place can have the same fate. Making generic predictions by dividing the entire world into twelve different groups (Zodiac sign) is a mockery of astrology. AstroNidan studies each of its consultation request in whole and assimilates all the interpretation coming out from various charts & table and provide a unique and personalized consultation that is only applicable to you. Only an intelligent human mind can perform this task. Learned Astrologers at AstroNidan, spend significant time in understanding each of the requests and queries, and then prepare a personalized consultation report.

2. Relevant

Using a horoscope, a learned astrologer can tell thousands of things about you, but you want to have guidance on a limited number of situations. There are endless planetary combinations and aspects, and no one in the world in a defined period can interpret all those combinations. So we ask a set of questions from our clients before analyzing any request, and this helps us in focussing only on that planet, aspects, and houses where the problem is related. We study all those dominant and trivial effects of planets, nakshatras, transits, and periods. After that, we conclude and objectively address your problem.

3. Authentic

Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra is the foundation of all our astrology related products & services. We genuinely believe that BPHS is the mother of all branches of astrology. We apply formulas and methods as prescribed in BPHS (Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra). We have our interpretation of each of the shloka (Sanskrit Lines), and we apply those interpretations in preparing our consultation reports. In every consultation, we explain about aspects, placement, and position of a planet before reaching to any conclusion. You truly get an authentic astrology service at AstroNidan.

4. Accuracy

In the 21st century, the meaning of success, satisfaction from a relationship have dramatically changed than what was there 4000 years ago. So, we have carefully validated the ancient axioms and principles written in BPHS statistically by observing a significant sample of birth charts and have ranked them in terms of effectiveness in different aspects of life. We thrive on to make an accurate prediction, but one should always remember that astrology has boundaries and limitations. It can never replace once karmas and effort. One should always put his best effort in a favorable time and save your energy in an unfavorable time. This strategy will maximize your results, and you will get the best out of the astrology consulting and advice.

Authentic & Accurate Values @AstroNidan

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