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Curious Gemini is interested in all flavors, not just vanilla. Sex with the twins is never boring, and it’s often kinky! They are eager to please and are excited to try new things. Visually driven, they respond best through your movements, but they also do love dirty talk. As the great communicator, they love hearing...

June 9, 2021GeminiSun Sign

A Gemini can break down any concept—but love? Even they know love is complicated—they’ve tried making sense of it, but haven’t figured out the “trick” yet. But they’re still very curious. The young Gemini falls in love and hopes they can make sense of this emotion. The mature Gemini falls in love and understands that,...

June 9, 2021GeminiSun Sign

Two birds hop on a flowering tree branch in spring, chirping at each other, poking around curiously before taking off, looking down on the city and all its surroundings. Gemini, the sign of the twins, is an Air sign ruled by messenger planet Mercury. Contemplating duality, making choices, reflecting on either/or questions, coming to both/and...

June 9, 2021GeminiSun Sign

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