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AstroNidan is a personalized astrology consultation platform where you get an authentic, relevant, and accurate astrology services and recommendations. AstroNidan helps in discovering the natural path and provides an enlightening experience seen through Vedic Astrology.

AstroNidan has built a unique machine learning model in world of astrology. This machine learning model has trained itself over 15K horoscopes and life events. This has helped AstroNidan in practically qualifying planets and stars which make signficant influence in one’s life. We preapre a report with utomost care and diligence after studying & analyzing every minute details of birth chart.


AstroNidan is a very novel initiative started by an IIM Alumni focused on providing enlightening experience seen through Vedic astrology. We are a group of volunteers having a common interest in astrology, and we study ancient books of astrology, simplify interpretation of shlokas and statistically validate and rank those principles in order of significance.

So far, the AstroNidan team has tested more than ~1000 principles and ranked their effectiveness in different areas of life. Very soon, we would be launching a book with all those details and findings.

Personalized & Relevant Values @AstroNidan


AstroNidan is one of its kind online astrology platforms where you get a personalized, relevant, authentic, and accurate astrology services for your life problems.

These are the core values that we never compromise on any of our consultation services.

Unique Approach Art @AstroNidan

Unique Approach

AstroNidan follows a unique approach in making a prediction and preparing a consultation report. We call this a five-step process.

It starts with collecting birth details, analyzing past events, performing precise calculations, making a prediction model, and summarizing recommendations.


AstroNidan sofar has served thousands of clients across worlds and published countless consultation reports for its clients.

We have a very high customer satisfaction rating and very exciting recommendations for our astrology services.

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AstroNidan is an astrology consultation platform where you get accurate astrology predictions and kundali / horoscope matching powered by Machine Learning (AI)

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