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Sex with a Taurus is a time to slow down and to connect with your senses. Taurus typically has a playlist to go with lovemaking, and if you set out a spread of snacks for them to munch on between sex acts, you will certainly make an impression. Feed them foods that act as aphrodisiacs,...

June 8, 2021Sun SignTaurus

Taurus values objects and relationships that last. These creatures of habit crave security and peaceful surroundings. They are romantic, bestowing their loved ones with gifts, yet they are realistic and smart with their money (at least most of the time). They tend to be serial monogamists, until they realize that something needs to change. In...

June 8, 2021Sun SignTaurus

Taurus is not in a rush. Taurus is focused on the present. Like a cow that serenely sits under the rays of the warm Sun in a field of heather, Taurus takes their time to recognize and appreciate life’s pleasures. What a wonderful moment to be in the moment. Ruled by Venus, Taurus explores pleasure...

June 8, 2021Sun SignTaurus

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