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AstroNidan is an astrology consultation platform where you get accurate astrology predictions and kundali / horoscope matching powered by Machine Learning (AI). AstroNidan provides you personalized, authentic, relevant, and accurate reports for all your life-related queries

AstroNidan helps in discovering the natural path and provides an enlightening experience seen through astrology predictions.

AstroNidan uses a unique machine learning model to practically qualify inlfuence of planet and stars for astrology predictions.

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kundali matching / horoscope matching - astrology predictions @ AstroNidan

Kundali Matching

Get five page astrology report on kundali matching / horoscope matching with remedies. Enlighten yourself with power of machine learning in astrology.

kundali predictions / horoscope predictions - astrology predictions @ AstroNidan

Kundali Predictions

Get five page astrology report on kundali predictions / horoscope predictions with remedies. Enlighten yourself with power of machine learning in astrology.

We can help you in below matters...Our Expertise

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Career & Growth Expertise @AstroNidan

Career & Growth

Job, Promotion, Challenges, Growth, Right Career related Astrology Predictions

Marriage & Relationship Expertise @AstroNidan

Marriage & Relationship

Kundali Matching, Astrology Predictions for Marriage, Delay, Timing & Future

Business & Gain Expertise @AstroNidan

Business & Gains

Astrology Predictions for Startup & Business, Risk, Right Business, Downfalls, Loss

Health & Education Expertise @AstroNidan

Health & Education

Health, Serious Illness, Longevity, Higher Education related Astrology Predictions

Finance & Foreign Travel Expertise @AstroNidan

Finance & Foreign Travel

Astrology predictions for Financial Stability, Foreign Travel, Debt & Speculations

Children & Family Expertise @AstroNidan

Children & Family

Child Happiness, Best Career Choice, Family life related Astrology Predictions


What are benefits of astrology predictions?

October 27, 2019MiscellaneousWhat are benefits of astrology predictions?

Astrology reveals the inner nature & potential of person. Using astrology predictions a person can avoid big troubles in his/her life. It also indicates the type of situations and experiences that are likely to happen in one’s life. The advantage of understanding a birth chart is that it allows one to consciously develop or grow as...
How astrology predictions help in life?

October 26, 2019MiscellaneousHow astrology predictions help in life?

Astrology predictions are the way through which we understand the influence of the planet on our life. Let’s take an example and quantify the influence of astrology predictions. Case 1 There is a person A who believes that his success/result is entirely a function of his effort and karma, and he completely ignores any luck/surprise element and...
Why you should believe in astrology predictions?

October 25, 2019MiscellaneousWhy you should believe in astrology predictions?

I always see people contemplating or getting confused, does astrology predictions work ? should they believe in astrology? Let’s talk about Physics for sometime before dwelling in the world of astrology predictions. Physics is the study of matter, motion, and behavior through space and time and how science is defined. Science is a systematic study...

What people say about us?Testimonials

“AstroNidan thoroughly analyzed my kundali (horoscope) & did excellent astrology predictions and suggested a remedy to support and protect me from the adverse and dark phase. Within the given time frame, I got a fantastic result. Thank you very much”

Anju Verma

Jaipur, India

“I consulted many astrologers but no one can match the accuracy of astrology predictions offered by AstroNidan. This platform is superb for astrology,  kundali (horoscope) matching. Genuinely speaking, everything happened as they predicted about career.”

Anamika Shikha

New Delhi, India

“I was planning to start my startup & wanted to become an entrepreneur, but I wasn’t sure about my expertise. I was clueless about what to do. I consulted here and got a very accurate astrology predictions about my potentials. It’s truly a life-changing experience.”

Liyan Wo

Manila, Philippines

“I was clueless when I got divorced last year. I wasn’t expecting any new relationship in my life. Based on my friend recommended consulting with AstroNidan & got a genuine horoscope matching and gave me a real hope through astrology predictions.

Philip & Mary

London, UK

“My girlfriend was behaving very awkwardly from the past few months. I thought I would never make her feel like before. But after getting genuine advice from AstroNidan and their premium horoscope matching, I am now happy with my girlfriend”

Fardin & Jessica

Dubai, UAE

“I am about to get married & was nervous after thinking again & again about my in-laws. But after the consultation, I got to know a lot of good things about horoscope matching and astrology predictions. Now I am stress-free & can focus on work. Thank you.”

Trisha Corett

New York, USA

“My sister and I were having some issues over finance & relationship. I took consulation here and after their amazing astrology prediction and horoscope matching, things changed positive very soon. AstroNidan provided me right guidance, thanks.”

Marga Ollen

Bangkok, Thailand

“I was getting poor marks in college & wasn’t able to perform well in any other areas of extracurricular activity. After talking with them, now I know what I was missing. Thanks for accurate astrology prediction and horoscope matching and letting me face reality.”

Ashish Shekher

Mumbai, India

“I wanted to know about my daughter’s education & marriage. I wanted to see if she will be able to pursue her master’s degree or not. AstroNidan provided me very accurate description of event through horoscope matching and astrology predictions.”

Marcos Vallerian
New Jersey, USA

“I was so afraid of my baby that I was conceiving for the last six months. The doctor asked me for a complete bed rest & after that, my mother-in-law asked me to consult a Vedic astrologer. I consulted AstroNidan and was delighted with their astrology predictions.

Anupama Nair
Banglore, India

“I was planning to settle in the USA and was in a bad relationship. I took the consultation, and AstroNidan provided me accurate details of my past, present and future very accurately. I extremely liked their horoscope matching & astrology predictions.

KVN Suresh
Hyderabad, India

“I just started my boutique & just next to me a lady started her boutique & I was so afraid of it. I thought I would not be able to make my boutique successful & the competition will be fierce. Now I am pleased after getting horoscope matching and predictions.”

KS Kirthi
Chennai, India

“It’s not my first time on this platform, earlier I came here to consult business issues & horoscope matching, but this time they truly helped me with my health issues. Thanks for the valuable advice & lovable consultation. You are my forever best choice.”

Ramesh Patil
Pune, India

“I was in a very confusing state of mind due to the things that happened in my business & relationships. I was very nervous also. But after the conversations with AstroNidan, I felt great. Thanks for your accurate astrology predictions and horoscope matching”

Molly Haize
Paris, France

“I was going thrugh a difficult relationship and was very unsure about its future and there were many complications. I took horoscope matching service with AstroNidad and came to know about future of relationship. It helped me a lot in taking right decision.”

Sarika Banerjee
Kolkata, India

“I am a frequent customer of this website, I took the service of horoscope matching for my daughter and prospective marriage partner. AstroNidan clearly said that relationship was a poor match and later on learned that boys family was hiding lot of things”

Shubham Gaikwad
Navi Mumbai, India

“I was dating a guy of my college from last five years and was in a very confusing state of mind whether I should take this ahead or not. I placed an order with AstroNidan for horoscope matching and in next five days, they cleared my all doubts.

Dr. Lata
Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Swiss Ephemeris

Most accurate library and API for planetary positions

Anaconda Package

Data science & machine learning library in Python/R

Kala Software

Very advanced and precise software for in various charts

Hora Shastra

Most ancient scripture for principles of Vedic Astrology

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AstroNidan is an astrology consultation platform where you get accurate astrology predictions and kundali / horoscope matching powered by Machine Learning (AI)

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