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Turn off all outside distractions when you’re in bed with Capricorn. Put your phone on airplane mode and encourage that they do, too. They can be hooked on checking their notifications, but they’ll be super annoyed if they feel like you’re staying connected with the outside world while you’re supposed to be cuddling with them!...

June 12, 2021CapricornSun Sign

In love, Capricorn reveals a soft, poetic side—separate from the hardworking or tough demeanor they often show. But they won’t idealistically “wish” that things will work out as they gaze at shooting stars: you must prove yourself to be a caring partner by your actions, not just your words. Capricorn is looking for someone who...

June 12, 2021CapricornSun Sign

Ascending from the depths of the ocean, traveling across the shores and up the steepest mountain, Capricorn finds their home at the top. They’ve seen it all—the dangers in the waters, the joy and physical test of the climb, and the cool, perceptive clarity the high peaks provide. At the top of the mountain, the...

June 12, 2021CapricornSun Sign

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