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June 12, 20210

Turn off all outside distractions when you’re in bed with Capricorn. Put your phone on airplane mode and encourage that they do, too. They can be hooked on checking their notifications, but they’ll be super annoyed if they feel like you’re staying connected with the outside world while you’re supposed to be cuddling with them!

Life is hard, and if anyone knows it, it is Capricorn. Sex, with a partner or masturbation, is a heart-opening experience for them, one that elevates them from the pains of everyday life—it’s when the heart opens that the most proactive shifts can take place. It recharges them, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Massage and energy work are great ways to set the mood before bed. Capricorn is very physical (they are an Earth sign, after all), so lots of hugs, cuddles, squeezes, and kisses are important. Capricorn is typically kinky, so hit up a sex shop together and see what appeals to you both. Role-play is usually up their alley, too.

Capricorn is busy, but they might have time to squeeze you in for a quickie. However, what they really enjoy is being able to forget about time while they are fucking. They want to get lost in a sea of each other’s bodies. They want to taste, look, smell, and grab.

Positions that allow them to be fully embraced are perfect. They are totally open to experimenting, but to them, sex should be comfy, so keep that in mind the next time you suggest the bathtub or the kitchen table. Supportive sex furniture is a good investment for this sign that rules the knees.

Bring the massage oil, but please, nothing with strange chemicals—Capricorn isn’t into artificial flavors. They’d rather eat real whipped cream off your butt than get some strange synthetic in their mouth.

Rope bondage, collars, chains, and handcuffs are right up kinky Capricorn’s alley. Slave-and-master scenes turn them on, as does teacher and student, or daddy or mommy delivering a spanking. They probably have a dungeon somewhere in their home. Both dominant and submissive Capricorns are very physical in bed and both get off on control and humiliation.

They love costumes and playing dress-up—getting theatrical in bed is totally something they’re into. Leather, latex, or even lace and other textures in bed are lovely, too. Their sex toys are high end, but their taste in porn is often homemade videos of other lusty, in-love couples living out their dirtiest fantasies.

They typically take charge in group scenarios (they are a cardinal sign, after all), and enjoy weekend-long sex marathons with a partner or at a sex party, ideally in a luxurious mansion at an enviable address.

Being closed-minded about sex toys or any accessory Capricorn wants to bring into the bedroom is a no-no; Capricorns love their stuff. You don’t need to use their sex swing if you don’t want to, but don’t make them take it down, either. What do you think they’re at work earning all that cash for? Also, don’t try to boss around a Capricorn unless it’s during consensual power play.

Capricorn can deal with a lot of bratty whining as well as genuine tears in bed—they get that sex is messy, emotionally as well as physically. But don’t fake your emotions. Don’t pretend to be happy when you’re not, pretend to love them when you don’t, or pretend to be indifferent when you are head over heels. Be real.

On that note: Slide into bed wearing a polyester robe and doused in a synthetic perfume if you want to turn your Capricorn lover off. Fake feelings are a no, and so are fake fabrics or scents. Fake nails? Fake hair? Fake teeth? That’s all good, just don’t smell like chemicals or fake your feelings.

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