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Everyone’s heard about sexy Scorpio, the most alluring sign in the zodiac. Their reputation seems like a lot to live up to, but they don’t have a hard time keeping up with it at all! To Scorpio, sex is a merging of souls, a powerfully spiritual experience. They are intense lovers, very passionate, and they...

June 12, 2021ScorpioSun Sign

Scorpio is no stranger to intense emotions. They’re not afraid of falling in love . . . but they do sometimes question their own lovability. Life has not always been easy for the scorpion, but intimacy, sex, and close relationships (both sexual and platonic) make the difficult times worth fighting for. Scorpio dwells in dangerous places—if not always literally,...

June 12, 2021ScorpioSun Sign

A fallen tree rots by a pond, decomposing . . . but life thrives in the decay. Small animals find shelter and food, and these tiny animals become food for bigger ones. The bigger ones die, and the cycle continues. All endings are beginnings. Scorpio knows this. A psychic, emotional, and creative Water sign, Scorpio is a fixed sign,...

June 12, 2021ScorpioSun Sign

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