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Venus symbolizes love, beauty, creativity, art, and material wealth. During Venus Mahadahsa, it takes centre stage, putting together experiences that revolve around relationships, indulgence, and artistic pursuits. Its influence extends beyond romantic relationships, shaping our aesthetic preferences, social interactions, and financial endeavours. Shukra Mahadasha is also known as the Venus period; it is a 20-year-long...

March 2, 2024Miscellaneous

Stepping into the Ketu Mahadasha realm signifies the beginning of a period of introspection and spiritual growth. Its impact is seen in every area of life, from relationships with others to professional initiatives, since it encourages people to explore their subconscious and face unresolved karmic impressions. There may be occasions during this period when you...

February 28, 2024Miscellaneous

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that originated in India, and it’s all about taking a holistic approach to health and well-being. The term Ayur-Dosha refers to the assessment of an individual’s life span or longevity. It’s all about understanding your unique constitution (Prakriti), current imbalances (Vikriti), lifestyle, diet, and environmental factors to maintain...

February 11, 2024Miscellaneous

Kundali is a birth chart that analyses different aspects of life using the planetary positions at the time of birth. Kundali Milan is the process of matching horoscopes to ensure a happy married life. It involves assessing eight different factors, including caste, power equation, physique, sexual compatibility, mental compatibility, nature, prosperity, and health/genetics. Each factor...

February 11, 2024Miscellaneous

It’s possible that you love reading your horoscope or are obsessed with memes that perfectly match your sun sign, but you might feel overwhelmed by your birth chart. It’s understandable if you feel comfortable using an app that lists your moon sign or rising sign, but looking at the full “circle chart” picture seems too...

February 11, 2024Miscellaneous

  Introduction  In recent times, there have been significant advancements in technology that have transformed humanity. From the advent of electricity to the invention of computers and mobile phones, we have made great strides in technology. Today, we have artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), where machines are designed to imitate human cognitive functions....

January 19, 2024Miscellaneous

Each year, our lives are influenced by the movements of the planets, which are known as planetary transits in Indian astrology. These movements occur when the planets shift from one zodiac sign to another, and they interact with each other’s energies. This interaction can impact our lives in different ways depending on the unique qualities...

January 9, 2024Miscellaneous

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