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February 11, 20240

It’s possible that you love reading your horoscope or are obsessed with memes that perfectly match your sun sign, but you might feel overwhelmed by your birth chart. It’s understandable if you feel comfortable using an app that lists your moon sign or rising sign, but looking at the full “circle chart” picture seems too complex. However, it’s worth understanding your chart’s many layers, given how much it can reveal about your personality, aspirations, and perspective. Each natal chart is multilayered and unique.

The 12 houses of the zodiac in a natal chart offer exciting insights. Knowing your sun sign placement can explain your personality traits, and your tenth house sign can guide your life, career, and relationship goals.

Your Birth chart ‘Rashi Chart”

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky’s position at the time of your birth from the exact location where you were born on Earth. It includes the sun, moon, and planets and shows how they were aligned in the 12 houses of the zodiac. Each house represents a different aspect of your life such as relationships, career, and personal growth. Understanding your birth chart can provide insight into your unique personality traits and life experiences.

When studying an astrology birth chart, certain aspects are given importance, including the Sun sign, Moon sign, and rising sign. It’s also important to look at the position of each planet in the twelve houses and the twelve zodiac signs, as well as the relationship between planets, whether harmonious or rebellious. Additionally, it’s essential to identify which planets are stronger or weaker in the birth chart and their positions.

The 12 Astrological Houses in Rashi Chart

The 12 houses in astrology are representative of the earth’s rotation around its axis over a period of 24 hours.

As the earth rotates, the sun and planets appear to be moving through the houses in a clockwise direction. At sunrise, they rise in the east, which is also known as the ascendant or the first house. At midday, they appear at the top of the chart, and at sunset, they set in the west, which is the right-hand side of the chart. During the night, they spend time at the bottom of the chart until the next sunrise.

Think of it as a customized star map that goes beyond just mapping the stars. The position of the luminaries and planets in your house affects how they manifest themselves, as each house signifies a specific aspect of life. 

The astrological birth chart is divided into twelve slices, with each slice representing a house. The first house is where your ascendant or rising sign (the sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth) falls on the left-hand side of the chart. Moving counterclockwise from the first house, you can note your second house, third house, fourth house, and so on. Each of these houses is ruled by one of the 12 zodiac signs, and your planetary placements such as your sun sign, moon sign, Mercury sign, and others reside within a particular house.

In astrology charts, some people may have multiple planetary placements in a specific sign and house, while others may have their placements scattered around. It is essential to pay attention to the themes associated with both the sign and house if you have clusters of placements in a particular sign and house. For example, if you have three planets or luminaries in Virgo in the second house of income, how you earn your livelihood will be a crucial focus. You are likely to have a Virgoan way of making a living, which means that you are focused on self-improvement, health, service, communication, and attention to detail.

What Each of the 12 Houses in Astrology Mean

The 12 houses in astrology are also known as different “sectors” or “zones” of your natal chart. Sometimes, they are described in detail, such as the “third house of communication.” Whether you want to understand your natal chart better or your monthly horoscope, it’s useful to know which areas of life each house represents. Below is a brief overview of each house.

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The First House of Self

The first house in astrology represents your ascendant or rising sign, which reflects how you present yourself to others. This house is associated with assertive Mars and the cardinal fire sign Aries. It is the domain of your personal brand, self-image, and identity. Additionally, the first house speaks to your physical appearance. So, the sign that rules this house can guide you in making decisions related to your hairstyle, clothing choices, and how you make a first impression.

The Second House of Income

This house is associated with the fixed earth sign Taurus and Venus, the planet of beauty and values. It is related to money-making, material possessions, and self-worth. Understanding the sign that rules this house in your chart can help you comprehend your approach towards earning a living.

The Third House of Communication

This house is associated with the mutable air sign Gemini and Mercury, the planet of communication. It is related to how you think and express yourself with others. It not only involves your spoken communication but also your writing skills. It affects how you interact with your friends and anyone else in your immediate environment. Additionally, it involves siblings and short-distance travel.

The Fourth House of Home Life

This house is associated with the cardinal water sign Cancer and the intuitive moon. It speaks to your family life, inner world, and domestic sphere. Any placements and the ruling sign of this house offer insight into your relationship with parents and how you’ll act as a parent, your interest in real estate, and what brings you a sense of security.

The Fifth House of Romance and Self-Expression

 This house is associated with the fixed fire sign Leo and the sun. It covers romance, self-expression, fun, pleasure, creativity, and children. You can understand how you incorporate playfulness into your life, express your artistic visions, and own your voice by looking at any placements and which sign rules the house in your chart.

The Sixth House of Wellness and Daily Routine

This house is associated with the mutable earth sign Virgo and information-gathering Mercury. It is the house of health and your day-to-day routine. Planetary placements and the ruling sign here inform how you manage your daily tasks and care for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It is also the house of pets, as they are part of our everyday life.

The Seventh House of Partnership

 This house is associated with the cardinal air sign Libra and Venus, the planet of relationships. It involves one-on-one bonds of the romantic variety, such as marriage, but also platonic and professional connections. Any placements in this house, as well as the ruling sign, influence how you approach pairing up. Moreover, it can also boost self-awareness, as it sits opposite the first house of self.

The Eighth House of Intimacy and Joint Resources

This house is associated with the fixed water sign Scorpio and transformative Pluto. It oversees sex, death and rebirth, joint resources, transformation, and our most intimate emotional bonds. You can understand how you deal with these heavy but fulfilling aspects of life by exploring the sign ruling this house in your chart, as well as any placements.

The Ninth House of Adventure and Higher Learning

 This house is associated with the mutable fire sign Sagittarius and buoyant, fortune-bringing Jupiter. It is the house of long-distance travel and higher education. Placements here, as well as the sign that rules the house in your chart, can tell you about your sense of wanderlust, how you aim to broaden your horizons, and how you soak up knowledge and approach philosophical conversations. It is also the house of publishing, foreign languages, and religion.

The Tenth House of Career

This house is associated with the cardinal earth sign Capricorn and taskmaster Saturn. The tenth house cusp is referred to as the midheaven (MC), which speaks to your professional path, social standing, and public persona. Similarly, the whole tenth house offers insight into how you pursue your greatest ambitions in life, how you deal with authority figures, and how you feel about taking on responsibility, particularly in a very public way.

The Eleventh House of Networking and Long-Term Wishes

This house is associated with the fixed air sign Aquarius and rebellious Uranus. It is all about friends, colleagues, teams, groups, and networks. It also involves the greater audiences you appeal to, if you’re hoping to grow your social media following. It also involves hopes, wishes, and how you express your humanity and sense of community.

The Twelfth House of Spirituality and the Unconscious

 This house is associated with the mutable water sign Pisces and illusion-loving Neptune. It oversees karma, what’s lying beneath the surface of your life, your unconscious mind, dreams, and spiritual growth. You can comprehend your shadow self and your relationship with spirituality by exploring the sign that rules this house in your chart as well as any placements.

Other Charts In Vedic Astrology

There are several other charts in Vedic Astrology apart from the main Kunadli as per Vedic Astrology, which are called Divisional Charts. These charts provide us with the precise positions of the planets. In order to perform a detailed analysis of a horoscope, we need to examine the divisional charts. These charts serve two purposes. Firstly, we study them to determine the strength of a planet by observing its placement in various divisions. It is considered strong if a planet is placed in its own sign, its mooltrikona sign, or its exaltation sign in most divisions. Conversely, if it is placed in its sign of debilitation in most divisions, it is considered weak. It should be noted that if a planet is weak in the natal chart, occupying benefic, exaltation, or own sign in the divisions can or cannot improve its position.

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