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Astrology reveals the inner nature & potential of person. Using astrology predictions a person can avoid big troubles in his/her life. It also indicates the type of situations and experiences that are likely to happen in one’s life. The advantage of understanding a birth chart is that it allows one to consciously develop or grow as...

October 27, 2019Miscellaneous

Astrology predictions are the way through which we understand the influence of the planet on our life. Let’s take an example and quantify the influence of astrology predictions. Case 1 There is a person A who believes that his success/result is entirely a function of his effort and karma, and he completely ignores any luck/surprise element and...

October 26, 2019Miscellaneous

I always see people contemplating or getting confused, does astrology predictions work ? should they believe in astrology? Let’s talk about Physics for sometime before dwelling in the world of astrology predictions. Physics is the study of matter, motion, and behavior through space and time and how science is defined. Science is a systematic study...

October 25, 2019Miscellaneous

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