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This will be a favorable year for you especially in the matters of family, love and career and you can expect average results regarding your married life. Your finances will also remain average this year with minimal ups and downs. However, you can have some issues regarding your health and your education may also suffer....

How can you not take love seriously when you’re the sign that rules the heart? Love is the meaning of life for Leo. Without love, what’s the point? With a flair for the dramatic, Leo loves productions and theatrics. A relationship that’s punctuated with excitement certainly keeps the spark alive, but of course there is...

June 11, 2021LeoSun Sign

There are two sides to Leo. One side loves drama; therefore, they love sex—the mystery, the anticipation, the intensity of a first kiss, the thrill of a make-up fuck. Sex is another opportunity to live life—and Leo loves to live. Create a passionate and romantic environment with flowers, silk sheets, plenty of candlelight, and music...

June 11, 2021LeoSun Sign

A fire blazes. People sit around, roasting marshmallows, telling stories, staying warm. Food, friendship, comfort. It all happens around the fire, and like a blazing fire, Leo loves to be the warmth that radiates out to all their loved ones, bringing them joy and nourishment, just like the life-giving Sun does for us on Earth....

June 11, 2021LeoSun Sign

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