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June 12, 20210

In love, Capricorn reveals a soft, poetic side—separate from the hardworking or tough demeanor they often show. But they won’t idealistically “wish” that things will work out as they gaze at shooting stars: you must prove yourself to be a caring partner by your actions, not just your words. Capricorn is looking for someone who is both tough and nurturing, someone who has a sense of humor but also a deep sensitivity. In a relationship, Capricorn wants a partner who will make them feel cared for in a way that they can’t provide for themself: Capricorn can make all the money in the world, but a touch from someone who will be there through thick and thin isn’t included in their hard-won job’s benefits plan.

Melancholy Capricorn has been called “cold” many times. This may lead you to believe that they are not romantic. They are! They’re just very no-bullshit people. They’ll flirt for fun and fuck because it feels good, but time is a valuable resource, and they’re not going to waste it with just anyone. Capricorn has also been called “rigid” or “controlling,” but they don’t try to control love. They know that falling in love is a force of nature that you can’t make happen—or prevent from happening.

First Impressions
If you meet your Capricorn at work, you might admire their work ethic but worry that they’re boring—the reverse is true if you meet them at a party! You’ll wonder how they could possibly wake up to get anything done after all the hard partying you witness them partaking in. Certainly, Capricorn is one of the hardest workers in the zodiac, but when they let loose, it’s often a scene.

No matter where you meet Capricorn, you’ll find they’re focused, well spoken, and usually well dressed. They can be materialistic, which often means they have nice clothes, and they prefer natural fibers to synthetic ones. Capricorn is a mystical creature, and as such, even the most somber-seeming sea goat has some otherworldly flair to them. They often come across as quite serious, but their devilish smile makes an appearance every now and then!

Flirting Technique
Capricorn was usually too uptight in middle school to pass notes, but they loosen up as they age, and having a note passed to them at a party asking, Do you like me?, with check boxes for yes and no, will make them giddy.

Capricorn hates wasting time, so they’re typically very straightforward about what they want. They do a lot in their everyday lives, so they often enjoy being chased; however, if you come on too strong, too fast, they’ll wonder whether you just fall in love with anyone!

Online dating typically isn’t exciting to Capricorn, as they value real-world experiences over virtual ones, but if you happen across one, don’t waste their time, reschedule dates, or, worse, flake. They won’t forgive you!

Dating Style
Stoic Capricorn is unfussy in most areas of their life; however, fresh flowers, fancy dinners, and cuddles on silk sheets are absolutely up their alley. They love to indulge during dates, whether it’s with good wine, some weed, delicious food, or anything else. Taking a Capricorn shopping on your dime is never a bad idea. Just don’t behave too foolishly with money!

Capricorn is very tactile. Show that you’re good with your hands: make them pottery, or give them a massage. Take your Capricorn crush to old places, like a landmark building with rich history or a museum.

Spend time outside enjoying nature’s wonders—if there’s a remarkable natural formation near you, take them to see it. If they invite you to a work function, be on your best behavior. Read up on their field, and dress to impress!

Relationship Approach
A Capricorn is rarely confused about what they want in a relationship. If they are, you can trust that they will schedule a time to get back to you later after they do some computations. Capricorn may be ruled by Saturn, a planet that’s all about commitment, but they are totally cool with casual sex. They are ruled by the Devil card in the tarot, after all. Capricorn is also thought of as being quite traditional; however, their respect for maintaining the strategies that have worked for them in the past doesn’t mean they’re not willing to try new things. Just because their parents or grandparents were monogamous doesn’t mean they won’t be open to polyamory. Their mature and responsible nature is perfectly suited for ethical non-monogamy, too.

In a long-term relationship, Capricorn is often eager to build a lasting legacy. Why else are they working so hard? They know they can’t take it all with them in the end. They are looking for a future and a home with someone, even if there are no plans for marriage. A promise ring is typical—Capricorn loves gifts, and the opportunity to buy each other something beautiful and well made to symbolize their love is something they enjoy.

Have a goal, have a job, have a ten-year plan—bonus if your retirement plan is in order. Capricorn works their ass off, so one thing they really value in a partner is someone who is domestic and can help them build a warm home, which is something they’ve always wanted but often lacked throughout their life. Help keep them physically and emotionally nurtured, with good food and a sympathetic, trustworthy ear.

Rushing, pressing, or pushing them are all bad ideas, Capricorn must do things at their pace. Impatience turns them off—as does tardiness. Bad listeners make Capricorn feel unimportant; they want to feel seen by the people they care about. Irresponsible, unreliable, and flaky people who aren’t mindful about how they budget their time, money, or energy lose Capricorn’s interest quickly!

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