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June 9, 20210

Two birds hop on a flowering tree branch in spring, chirping at each other, poking around curiously before taking off, looking down on the city and all its surroundings. Gemini, the sign of the twins, is an Air sign ruled by messenger planet Mercury. Contemplating duality, making choices, reflecting on either/or questions, coming to both/and conclusions—Gemini’s mind is always busy.

Gemini can see all sides of a story, giving them the reputation of being “two-faced.” However, if their wonderful ability to understand myriad points of view does manifest uncomfortably in relationships, it stems from a desire to keep things peaceful and moving, not out of malice.

Gemini is not just in the know, but a person to know, and it’s a blessing indeed to be welcomed into their clique or crew. A media trendsetter, Gemini is a lover of all forms of news, both highbrow and low. Gemini is a prolific creator and rarely shies away from controversy, often whipping it up themself as they seek to challenge people’s ideas about the world. Indeed, Gemini is one of the most controversial signs in the zodiac.

At Their Best
Highly intelligent, versatile, clever, and quick-witted, Gemini can adapt to any situation. Their good humour attracts many friends, and the twins rarely run out of things to talk about. They’re fantastic wordsmiths, composers, idea makers, problem solvers, mediators, net-workers, and trailblazers. Gemini cares very much about etiquette, and as controversial as they may be, they always strive to be polite. Understanding someone’s point of view is important to them, and they value communication highly.

At Their Worst
Their ability for multitasking can make them distracted and unfocused. These mercurial people can be tricksters or gossips, or they may speak cutting words. They play dumb from time to time, have been known to fib (Gemini? More like Gemi-lie!), and can be surprisingly superficial. Desperate to fit in, they can be envious, as well as territorial. They take everything literally and personally. They’re nervous and can get lost in details and forget to look at the big picture. Being the “middleman” makes them stressed out. Emotional outbursts make them quite uncomfortable, and landing in a relationship where they find themself managing someone else’s emotions is their personal nightmare. They believe everyone is an adult and should act like it, even though they can behave childishly at times.

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