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June 8, 20210

Sex with a Taurus is a time to slow down and to connect with your senses. Taurus typically has a playlist to go with lovemaking, and if you set out a spread of snacks for them to munch on between sex acts, you will certainly make an impression. Feed them foods that act as aphrodisiacs, like chocolate and chile-infused snacks!

Taurus can be very picky about how they like the scene set for lovemaking—pay attention to how they set the scene when you first hook up for clues on how to make it comfortable for them the next time. For example, if they turn on a fan, make sure to have a fan in your space also, so Taurus won’t get all sweaty! Or, if they need a glass of something to drink right afterward, take note, and remember to have one ready for them the next time. Taurus loves romance, but they don’t necessarily need candles and flowers for it to be perfect. Instead, focus on providing a clean and comfortable space that caters to their specific preferences—and that’s something you can only learn by getting to know them!

They enjoy being teased—the longer you can draw out the lovemaking session, the better! They can certainly be dominant in bed; however, they also deeply enjoy being ravished and having someone else take the lead. They want to be adored, caressed, and pampered.

Turn Ons
Taurus rules the neck, so kiss and lick them gently there—but don’t leave a mark! They probably have a job that they need to be presentable for!

Dirty talk also gets them going. A dirty secret whispered directly in their ear is fantastic, but it’s not just what you say, but also the autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) that comes with lightly breathing and whispering into their ear. Taurus is all about the senses.

My teacher, astrologer Anne Ortelee, taught me some valuable advice about sleeping with a Taurus: tie them up and plow them (this advice also applies to the other cloven members of the zodiac!). Branding them, perhaps getting matching tattoos, or giving them a collar is some other wisdom I gleaned from Ortelee.

Ownership is a theme associated with materially minded Earth sign Taurus: dominant Taurus gets off on power and control. Taurus loves objects—beautiful lingerie, luxury sex toys, and silk bedding are a must. Sex toys, such as beautiful, well-made harnesses, should also be on the shopping list. The submissive Taurus revels with an imaginative partner—they want to be taken on a journey. Creativity in bed is important to Taurus, as they long for a partner who can explore the psychological aspects of lovemaking with them.

Sensual, tactile Taurus likes to be physically stimulated. Have tools for teasing, such as feathers, or for massage, like a vibrator (for genital stimulation or for another body part) and massage oil. Taurus wants to feel good all over! They’re especially turned on by someone who keeps things suspenseful—tease them by asking if they know what you plan to do for them in bed later, and keep the energy mounting by having them hold off on climax.

Turn Offs
Don’t expect to get into bed with a Taurus after you have looked through their phone, handbag, or drawers. They want to feel trusted, and their privacy is very important to them.

Taurus is not looking to try uncomfortable or acrobatic sex positions. If one sign can lie around all day, doing nothing but fucking, it’s certainly Taurus, but the key phrase here is lie around all day.

Safety first for Taurus: Safe sex is important no matter which sign you are fucking, but Taurus wants to discuss getting tested and using protection early on. If you’re one of those who is indifferent about using protection, expect Taurus to be totally turned off. Sharing body fluids is a big deal to Taurus.


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