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June 8, 20210

Taurus values objects and relationships that last. These creatures of habit crave security and peaceful surroundings. They are romantic, bestowing their loved ones with gifts, yet they are realistic and smart with their money (at least most of the time). They tend to be serial monogamists, until they realize that something needs to change. In polyamorous relationships, they are very dependable partners. Before committing, Taurus truly takes the time to get to know their partner, because once they enter a relationship—polyamorous or not—they can become stuck in it; change doesn’t come easily to this fixed sign.

So, what is Taurus looking for? They crave a partner whom they can see themself in—physically and intellectually. If they can look through someone’s closet and want to wear their clothes, then that’s a great start to a happy match. Art, music, and food are all important aspects of the Taurus life, and they want it to be a big part of their partner’s, too—with matching tastes, ideals, and values.

First Impression
For a sign who has a considerable number of name-brand items in their closet and knows the best gourmet restaurants, Taurus is surprisingly down-to-earth. They have an aura of unshakability. Always stylish and put together, Taurus doesn’t always go with the flow per se, but they let the flow go on around them: they are an unwavering mountain—standing strong as the world spins. All the chaos in the world can be going on around them, but as long as they’re left in peace while they enjoy a soak in the tub, they are content.

They can come across as rather conservative, formal, or even uptight, but don’t be fooled. They love a “bad boy/girl,” and might even secretly be one themself. Well-made clothing is important to them, and you can bet their outfits are thoughtfully curated. A clothing store is a likely place to run into Taurus. Even if they don’t intend on buying anything, they just love feeling silk or cashmere as they mindlessly flip through the racks—a truly meditative sport for Taurus. Music shops, jewelry stores, specialty bakeries, and art supply stores are also great places to run into them; Taurus is creative and enjoys being surrounded with beauty.

Flirting Technique
Food is a fantastic icebreaker when it comes to Taurus. If you meet them online, ask them about the last amazing restaurant they went to, and where you both should go (they love introducing people to places they are excited about). Cool and laid-back, Taurus might appear to be aloof or uncomplicated; however, they are most attracted to deep thinkers and extreme people who have had complicated pasts, tell exciting stories, and aren’t afraid of danger, so show this side of yourself.

Friendship and communication are also important to them, so ask them about their day as often as you send a nude. Even a Taurus who is only looking for a fuck buddy wants their partners to be thoughtful communicators. Don’t be too aggressive in your approach, as Taurus is attracted to people who are mysterious. They love intense people; however, if you’re pushy it will be a big turn-off. You’ll know Taurus likes you because they’ll include you in their routine: a sweet text in the morning, or perhaps coffee dates each Tuesday at lunch.

Dating Style
As an Earth sign and nature lover, Taurus would enjoy a leisurely stroll through the botanical garden, a picnic in the park, or relaxing in a hammock. Food is very important to Taurus, as is art, and of course, music. Anything that awakens the senses is big for Taurus, so visiting a gallery, going to a concert, and trying a new restaurant are all fantastic date ideas. Go shopping! They love a partner who will talk about fashion, albums, or whatever they’re currently collecting.

Taurus is a hard worker, so laying back and being lazy is definitely their favorite way to unwind, and they enjoy indulging, whether with a joint, a drink, or gourmet chocolates.

Note: While Taurus may absolutely love getting high (April 20 is the first day of the Taurus season), some may be more comfortable staying grounded in reality. So before offering your Taurus friend a puff or a drink, get to know them first! Taurus never wants to feel like a party pooper, so ask them what their limits are early on. Otherwise, you may end up with a sad Taurus who is uncomfortable that they had to deny you a good time.

Relationship Approach
Security, emotional and financial, is very important to Taurus. They value having steady income, safe surroundings, and a set schedule (as well as autonomy—they don’t need someone telling them what to do and when), and they want to partner with someone who also has their shit together. Better yet: be someone who they’d want to be.

Steadfast Taurus knows what they want—and they don’t like to try new things. If monogamy is their thing, that’s their thing. If they prefer open relationships, that’s how it will be. Don’t try to change them. Many people enter relationships subconsciously believing they can change their partner—don’t do this with Taurus. Not only will you not be able to get them to change, but they’ll also be offended if you try to mold them into what you want rather than supporting and encouraging them.

Taurus is looking for a powerful partner: someone who keeps the mystery going and isn’t afraid to deal with the more difficult or scary parts of life, such as finances, intimacy, and endings. Change isn’t easy for Taurus, so they need someone they can lean on and help them recover during turbulent times. As an Earth sign—a very physical element—gift giving is certainly important; however, helping them with chores or otherwise making their lives easier (and allowing them to relax) is highly valuable to them. If your Taurus lover is giving you the silent treatment, remember how important touch is to them: a hug can help when communication fails. And remember: Taurus is always right! (At least in their mind!)

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