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June 9, 20210

A Gemini can break down any concept—but love? Even they know love is complicated—they’ve tried making sense of it, but haven’t figured out the “trick” yet. But they’re still very curious. The young Gemini falls in love and hopes they can make sense of this emotion. The mature Gemini falls in love and understands that, like all the other mysteries of life and death, love isn’t something made for the human mind to comprehend.

Gemini is the sign of the twins, and as such, loves having a buddy to joke and have serious conversations with as well as explore the world. Gemini may have a reputation for being fickle; however, once they’ve met someone they really connect with, they can totally be committed partners. Once hard-to-pin-down Gemini initiates someone into their crew, they will remain solid friends. In fact, so solid that they’re also known to recycle exes! Rarely does a Gemini do something (or someone!) once; two is their magic number.

Let’s note that committed doesn’t mean rigid, boring, or inflexible. As a mutable sign, none of those words is in their vocabulary, and open and polyamorous relationships are natural for many Gemini, a sign who values connecting with people. Other Gemini people prefer to be in a pair—but even so, their commitment won’t be one that’s suffocating or controlling.

First Impressions
Youthful, dashing, pixie-like, and often wearing glasses (to shield their eyes from the Sun after a long night out on the town, or for the more introverted of the twins, to help them read, as they’re often doing), Gemini has a light, breezy energy. They’re both exciting yet peaceful to be around. Even the quieter, more reserved Gemini has an upbeat spirit about them. You can usually guess that your new acquaintance is a Gemini by their stylish and cool vibe, easy ability to banter, familiarity with everyone in the neighborhood, and the smirk that seems to be planted on every twin’s face.

Gemini is the sort of person who stands around with their arms folded, yet still seems open and inviting—there’s a duality to this person that you can’t miss. They’re trendy in their fashions—whatever their clique is wearing, you’ll likely see them in, too. They like clothes that are easy to run around in; the more versatile the piece, the better—they’re masters of the day-to-night look.

Flirting Techniques
A matter-of-fact “I like you” works for logic-minded Gemini, a sign who’s all about information, facts, and overthinking. Even the biggest Gemini players can wonder, Wait—how does flirting work?, when they meet someone they really like.

But once it’s out there that you two are crushing on each other, body language is just as crucial as verbal affirmation (and yes, Gemini craves verbal affirmations and is typically very good at giving them, too). Nothing cheers Gemini up like a notification on their phone from someone they like. Balance dirty talk with sending nudes: a dirty video with well-manicured and clean nails (Gemini rules the hands) is usually appreciated.

“Negging” does not work with Geminis. They take things very literally, and being told something unkind by a stranger—or worse, a friend—is something they find uncomfortable at the very least.

Gemini loves a hustler, and a local celeb who has inside access to all the cool spots is certainly attractive to them. Being in the media is a plus, and while Gemini often goes after “cool” people, they are just as attracted to someone kind of nerdy, as they fall hard for smarts. They care that others carry themselves confidently and stylishly.

They appreciate the aloof types, as well as a cool approach to communication. However, they easily get bored with the “hard to catch” types, especially if they feel like someone is manipulating them by being unavailable. They prefer someone who is enthusiastic and involved with life and their community over someone who is jaded and can’t have fun.

Dating Style
Gemini enjoys the courting process. They love a well-planned date, a thoughtful love letter, a surprising gift. An expensive date is always fun, and while they pretend candlelit dinners and flowers are cheesy, Gemini actually loves them. However, they’re just as happy doing something cheap and easygoing—the amount of money you spend on Gemini doesn’t matter to them as much as whether or not the experience is unique (bonus points if the venue is trendy or cool!).

Gemini is certainly spontaneous, but when it comes to dating, they do prefer to have things planned out—unless, of course, they’re not serious about someone, in which case, they’ll fit you into their schedule whenever they’re in the mood to make out.

Local sights that make for scenic kisses and long strolls with fun conversation will make a Gemini’s night. Gemini is social and enjoys being part of a scene, so a group date, swinging by a house party, or saying hi to friends at a regularly frequented café would be a fun, casual date that Gemini enjoys, in addition to the more romantic, private dates. Their top need is stimulating conversation. Have plenty of things to talk about and Gemini will go anywhere with you.

Relationship Approach
Gemini craves variety, and while it’s said that they get bored easily, this usually doesn’t apply to the people in their lives—if there’s one thing Gemini knows, it’s that people are always changing and growing. Who Gemini is today isn’t who they may be tomorrow, but they’re excited to go on that journey with the people they care about.

Gemini sincerely wants to know about your day and wants you to care about theirs, too—so ask! As chatty as the twins are, they do appreciate having their own space, especially at home, where they might want to have at least one room to themself for their books, art, instruments, or whatever inspires them.

Communication is massively important to Gemini, and scheduling time together is crucial, too. Even though they are quite flexible, they want to know when they’ll next hear from or see you. Gemini does get jealous, although they may be shocked when you act jealously. Understanding the people around them is incredibly important to them, and they expect the same from the people in their lives—Gemini will be hurt if you don’t put the same effort into understating how they feel as they do for you.

The twins can get nervous quite easily, so if things get too stressful, they may dash in a hurry. Nervous Gemini jets when emotions become too overwhelming, but they’ll usually reach out soon, at least once for closure. They are communicators, after all.

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