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June 9, 20210

Curious Gemini is interested in all flavors, not just vanilla. Sex with the twins is never boring, and it’s often kinky! They are eager to please and are excited to try new things. Visually driven, they respond best through your movements, but they also do love dirty talk. As the great communicator, they love hearing (and seeing) feedback. Spiritually, sexual climax allows them to connect more deeply with their body in a way that their very busy minds often prevent them from doing during everyday life.

Gemini loves nothing more than an innocent activity turning into something dirty. You’re watching a movie together on the couch. A sex scene comes on, and you’re both getting a little hot . . . your hand brushes against their thigh. One thing leads to another, and movie night has just become something more!

Turn Ons
Gemini is very visual. Being ruled by chatty Mercury, Gemini also loves dirty talk; however, they love watching what’s happening just as much as they enjoy hearing you whisper things into their ear. During sex, touch each other in positions where Gemini can get a good view of what’s happening.

Remember: Gemini is hot for cool people. Style is important to them, too, especially wearing something over the top, yet trendy, yet totally different from what the average person would dare to wear. It’s a tall order, but you can do it! The pages of fashion magazines are littered with trends the average person wouldn’t try—so find the sexiest, most cutting-edge one, and bring it into the bedroom!

Versatile in bed, they throw themself into sex very passionately, and their skilled hands are famous. What turns Gemini on is to turn you on. They can be quite romantic in bed, too, saying the sweetest things you could imagine, as well as the dirtiest. Let them know what you like in bed—they love the intellectual aspect of sharing what turns each of you on and then being able to do it together.

Gemini’s versatility also means they’re often switches, and they enjoy the intellectual side of kink—the academia, attending workshops, educating people on safety. The submissive Gemini can be quite childish or may enjoy feeling used or humiliated. The dominant Gemini will be much sterner than their usual, everyday playful personality, and will very much enjoy the psychological aspect of domination.

Turn Offs
Gemini doesn’t have much patience for bad kissing; feeling as though they’re just going through the motions in bed, as well as laziness, is a big turn-off.

Hygiene is very important! Bad breath, smelly sheets, or dirty fingernails are a no-no—take a shower!

Communication is very important to them, so don’t expect them to be mind readers in bed. They don’t want to guess what you desire, they want to hear you ask for it, and they want the praise when it’s done well!


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