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June 11, 20210

Ruled by sensual Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, Libra knows romance, but do they know love? They certainly yearn to. The immature Libra feels their life can’t be complete until they’ve fallen in love. The wise Libra has learned that being in love doesn’t “complete” anything. It just opens more doors: doors to healing, learning, journeying.

Libra is an excellent flirt, but their true talent is compromise. Sure, they can sweet-talk their way into someone’s heart, but Libra’s destiny is to learn how to employ their profound people skills in their relationships (not just in love, but business, family, and friendship, too), because it’s not simply falling in love that makes you complete; it’s having meaningful, supportive relationships that make life wonderful.

First Impressions
Likely the most stylish person you’ve ever met, Libra is attractive, easy to get along with, and difficult to forget. It’s not just their good looks and charisma that leave an impression but also their sharp wit. They likely walked into the party fashionably late, and maybe you have caught their eye while they were taking off their coat. Who are they?

Libras are sharp dressers, usually wearing whatever is on trend, as well as a soon-to-be-fashionable accessory. They’re generally very nice to everyone and often travel with a pack of friends, making it hard to read how they really feel about you. But that’s part of their allure. Even though they’re so chatty and outgoing, there’s still this air of mystery, because the way they communicate when they first meet someone can be very polite or even aloof. What are they really thinking? They are charismatic, magnetic people, and when you spot one, it’s hard not to be intrigued!

Flirting Technique
You’re in luck! Libra loves to flirt (that’s why this section is so long), even if they’re not that interested in you. Flirting with a Libra isn’t hard—it’s getting a date that is. So, how can you flirt with a Libra and leave an impression? You need to be cool—popular, trendy, in-the-know, witty, cultured, and doing something exciting with your time. Show that you’re in charge of your life, that you’re independent, a leader, and a person on the move.

Libra loves being pursued; however, if there isn’t much of a challenge, they’ll take your attention for granted. To keep Libra interested, be vague about whether or not you’re interested—not in them (of course, they’re wonderful!), but about whether or not you’re interested in a relationship or looking for commitment. Libra loves talking about marriage, even if they have no interest in doing it themself. If an indecisive Libra thinks that “I don’t know, I need to think about it” is a fine reply to say to everything from “What do you want for dinner?” to “Will you leave me in your will?,” then it’s a good enough answer for you to give, too, when they ask whether you’re looking for a partner.

You can also spice things up by letting them know that someone hot has been talking to you—they like a little innocent competition! They also don’t trust people who are totally single—honestly, what is wrong with you that you’re alone? All that said, you really need to strike the perfect balance of giving attention while being unattainable and very cool. Libra loves to feel like they are playing hard to get even though they also love the thrill of the chase. Balance!

Libra is great at small talk, but that doesn’t mean they are dumb: Libra loves analyzing people, learning about their motivations, and talking about psychology. So ask them about why they think a mutual friend is acting so oddly, or about the secret motivation behind someone in the news. A little bit of gossip doesn’t hurt as an icebreaker, either!

Once you’re regularly texting with a Libra (which is likely to happen, as this sign has plenty to say and loves talking), be regular with your communications. This doesn’t mean you need to be at their beck and call every time they contact you, but when they learn they can count on a “Hey, how’s your day?” text in the afternoon, they’ll grow to trust and feel comfortable with you.

Dating Style
Dinner and a movie are always fine with Libra—especially if the dinner is someplace new and exciting and the movie is an artsy film in a unique theater. Always be sure to compliment how they look, because half the fun of going on a date for Libra is getting dressed for the occasion! Group dates are also fine with Libra (notice how I said fine twice? Libra is amenable to most suggestions!). They’re very social people who enjoy bouncing from friend to friend at a cocktail party to say hello (and show off their date!). A group photo with all their friends at the end of the night also fills them with joy. Chatty, social Libra loves to go from talking with you, to their bestie, and then to another cutie. But don’t be alarmed by this! Libra just has a flirtatious personality and puts on the charm with everyone.

Libra is also very intelligent, and a date who puts their brains to use is a welcome change for them and their nonstop party agenda. If a “study date” is applicable to your situation, go for it! Or invite them to an exciting lecture, event at a museum, or trip to a historic location. Even the zoo or planetarium would work—Libra loves to learn.

Relationship Approach
Libra learns early on in their love life that heartache stinks and that having a backup lover to flirt with when one disappoints or ditches you is a good way to pass the time (and avoid dealing with sadness). As Libra matures, they use relationships less as a distraction and more for fulfilling a natural human need: connection.

Libra is very comfortable in ethically nonmonogamous relationships, but monogamy suits them, too—Libra loves relationships, in whatever form they may come, as long as they can trust their partners. But Libra does have a possessive streak, so keep that in mind. In whatever type of relationship they may be in, it’s important that they put themself first sometimes, as they have a tendency to forget about their needs because they’re so involved in the lives of others.

Libra will bend over backward for you, so make sure to do the same for them. Classic romantic gestures can’t hurt: flowers, a love letter, chocolates. Even better are acts of service to show Libra that you’re thinking of their comfort. Pay for a cab ride home for them when they’re working late and too exhausted to take public transportation. If they drive, wash the car for them so they don’t have to.

Don’t forget birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. For Libra, part of the fun of being in a relationship is celebrating these events! They enjoy being surprised, so use one of these occasions to get them an unexpected gift.

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