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July 22, 20210

For Libra Moon sign, one can choose the first letter of their name from the following

Raa, Ree, Roo, Re, Ro, Taa, Tee, Too, Te

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and is related with the Air element. If your Moon sign is Libra then you are generally logical in your approach. You could be a day-dreamer as you are mentally very active. You have a better sense of justice. You tend to be an independent person as you do not receive much help from your friends.

Family life in 2021

The first and the last quarter of the year as particularly troublesome. Your relations will be strained and your health will deteriorate. Though you may get support  from your family, you will not be satisfied. You may not take part in family events and prefer isolation more. Your mother may fall sick so you should take care of her during this time frame. There can be monetary issues as well, keeping you irritated and tensed. Period from April to August 2021 may show some relief. You will like the atmosphere in your family and will get support and respect from your relatives and friends. There will be positivity in your life and you feel more energetic than before.

Married life in 2021

You will get mixed results regarding your family life this year. The beginning of the year is particularly troublesome. There can be misunderstanding with the spouse. You may become non-cooperative and will hardly listen to others’ views. There can be unnecessary aggression which may bring you dishonor. You can get cheated by some close relative of yours. The situation improves from April to August, making family life pleasant. There will be support and love from others and child birth is also a possibility. Some auspicious ceremony can also take place during this time period. Things can get challenging during the last quarter of the year regarding your family relations, so keep control on your temperament and work on your relations.

Love life in 2021

You get mixed results here as well. The first and the last quarters of the year can bring troubles and hurdles in your love life. There will be misunderstandings and quarrels between both of you and this will most likely cause stress in life. But period from April to August 2021 can be considered favorable. All the misunderstandings from the past will start to resolve and there can be marriage too. You will get support from your family and friends.

Profession or Business in 2021

Your professional life will not be pleasant for most of the year and you may not get the desired results. There will be lack of cooperation between your seniors and you. Your colleagues will not be supportive and may cause you troubles. Your rivals will look for any chance to defame you so you should be alert during this time period. There will be stress and you may get posted to an unwanted place.  You can expect some positive results from April 2021 to August 2021 where you can get some relief from all these troubles.

Money matters in 2021

Not a good year for money matters too and last quarter may create more problems. There will be unnecessary expenditures and lack of savings that will keep you worried. Avoid any kind of gambling or speculation this time period as there will only be loss. However, you can expect some positive results in the month of August.

Health in 2021

You should take care of your health especially during the first and the last quarter of this year. Your stress level will remain high and there can be injuries that should be taken care of. You may face blood related weakness and breathing problems too. Avoid any kind of addiction to keep yourself healthy.

Education in 2021

You will get good results during the mid months of the year. But in the first and the last quarters, the results will not be favorable. There can be stress and you will find it difficult to concentrate better. Avoid any quarrel with anyone as it will only cause you more problems.

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