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June 11, 20210

The Sun sets on the horizon. The Moon shines brightly. It is the equinox, and there is equal day and night. The wheel has spun through the first half of the zodiac, and now a new perspective arrives as the wheel reaches the opposition of its starting point; a mirror is created, and Venus likes what’s in view.

Libra is the only sign on the zodiac wheel that is symbolized by an inanimate object, the scales. Ruled by Venus, the planet of harmony, Libra aims to create balance through compromise and justice. An intellectual Air sign, Libra is a diplomat and also one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac. But Libra’s life is not all love letters and parties (although that’s a big part!), but instead is full of the destiny of learning how to compromise and weigh, as scales do, important decisions.

As a cardinal sign, it’s the first sign of its season, autumn. Libra is an initiator, forward-thinking, and trendsetting. If you ever get in Libra’s way, well, they’ll probably hold the door open for you with a smile, but that doesn’t mean they’re not someone to watch out for! And if you fall in love with a Libra? Expect to learn a whole lot about relationships—they are the sign of partnership, having lived a life so focused on balancing with others.

At Their Best
Likely the most trendy, fashionable person you will ever meet, Libra isn’t just artistically creative but is highly intelligent, as well. They have an incredibly sharp wit, allowing them to hold a conversation with anyone. They can flatter as well as build an argument—most Libras have considered law school at some point! They’re logical and great at holding an objective view, and advocating for people is one of their strengths. They love to connect with others and can be fantastic matchmakers, too. Charming, social, and flirtatious, they know how to give a compliment. Considerate and willing to compromise, Libra is mindful of etiquette, yet still knows when to crack a naughty joke.

At Their Worst
Always one to keep things in balance, they can be as brutally mean as they are sweetly kind. They love their lovers, but they also love having an archnemesis to gossip about or compete with. They’re not indecisive per se, but they’ll take a very long time to come to a decision, deliberating every option. If forced to come to a conclusion, they will say something that pleases the other person rather than the truth. Sometimes vain, snobby, and hooked on their cell phones and devices, they can be shallow, unreliable, and phony, charming their way out of a problem.

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