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June 11, 20210

Libra is delicate and gentle in many ways . . . in the bed is not one of the places you’ll see this manifest, though! Sure, during foreplay there may (hopefully!) be plenty of dirty talk—they are an Air sign, after all. They’ll play coy, especially because they love being pursued. They’ll blush when you send a nude, but in bed, they’re ready to fuck and be fucked, hard, by someone with strong hands and stamina. Pin them against the wall, and then have them straddle you.

Sex is an opportunity for logical, in-their-head Libra to get into their body. It’s a chance for them to get grounded, physically and spiritually. Whether through sex or masturbation, the mind-body connection sex brings is massively heart-opening for Libra.

Set the mood by making sure the space is beautiful. Cleanliness is definitely important, so be sure to stuff the pile of dirty clothes you have out of sight in the closet. Get a large mirror and place it strategically near the bed, and crack a window or turn on the AC—Air signs need air, and sex can get quite steamy!

Libra is vain. They love taking selfies. So bring out a mirror for them to watch while you two have sex. Talk to them about how hot they looked the first time you saw them, and how hot they’ve looked every day since then.

The submissive Libra can be quite the spoiled, bratty princess, and they have been very, very bad. Do they need a spanking? The only sign in the zodiac not symbolized by a mythical being, animal, or human, Libra often loves to objectify or be objectified in the bedroom.

That said, when it comes to humiliation or degradation, be sure to thoroughly communicate about it beforehand, because Libra wants to feel like they’re pleasing the person they’re with and that they’re doing a good job.

For the dominant Libra, teasing their partner with soft tools, such as ticklers and feathers, is likely to be a turn-on. Grooming and dressing their partners is also something that may appeal to the dominant Libra. Libra is accommodating in everyday life, but in the bedroom, dominant Libra gets off on calling all the shots!

As much as Libra loves the chase, they value communication and are searching for it when with a new partner. So don’t go MIA. Whether it’s not getting a text from you all day long or a silent fuck, Libra will not be into it.

When their partner is unwilling to try toys or experiment in bed, Libra feels judged and bothered by it. Libra loves their gadgets, so welcome new toys in the bedroom! Libra dislikes close-minded people, and if they feel like you’re trying to prevent them from having fun, they’ll lose interest in you.

Be sure to pump up their ego. Libra can be self-doubting and overthink things. If they had a hard day at work, help them unwind with a massage.

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