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How can you not take love seriously when you’re the sign that rules the heart? Love is the meaning of life for Leo. Without love, what’s the point? With a flair for the dramatic, Leo loves productions and theatrics. A relationship that’s punctuated with excitement certainly keeps the spark alive, but of course there is...

June 11, 2021LeoSun Sign

There are two sides to Leo. One side loves drama; therefore, they love sex—the mystery, the anticipation, the intensity of a first kiss, the thrill of a make-up fuck. Sex is another opportunity to live life—and Leo loves to live. Create a passionate and romantic environment with flowers, silk sheets, plenty of candlelight, and music...

June 11, 2021LeoSun Sign

A fire blazes. People sit around, roasting marshmallows, telling stories, staying warm. Food, friendship, comfort. It all happens around the fire, and like a blazing fire, Leo loves to be the warmth that radiates out to all their loved ones, bringing them joy and nourishment, just like the life-giving Sun does for us on Earth....

June 11, 2021LeoSun Sign

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