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June 11, 20210

A fire blazes. People sit around, roasting marshmallows, telling stories, staying warm. Food, friendship, comfort. It all happens around the fire, and like a blazing fire, Leo loves to be the warmth that radiates out to all their loved ones, bringing them joy and nourishment, just like the life-giving Sun does for us on Earth. And like the Sun, Leo is at the center of life’s parties and pleasures.

Fire sign Leo is ruled by the Sun—a symbol of life and vitality. As a fixed sign, Leo falls in the middle of the season—summer in this case—making this Sun reliable, consistent, and sometimes a little too hot, like its ruling planet. This determined, gregarious, and regal lion was born to do great things and enjoys being a beacon of positivity for their community, but, like a fire in a hearth, if no one is there to benefit from their warmth, what’s it all for? A leader and a performer, confident Leo is most of all a lover.

At Their Best
Creatives with a heart of gold, these brave and loyal lions care deeply about the joy and comfort of the people around them. Fantastic leaders, mentors, teachers, and coaches, outgoing and ambitious Leo also knows how to party, creating a fun and celebratory environment wherever they go. They have a regal energy about them. Being onstage comes naturally to them, and their confidence is infectious—their smile is genuine and heartwarming. Reliable, optimistic, trusting of their own instincts, and bighearted, Leo is an exciting, irreplaceable person to have in your life.

At Their Worst
Leo is known for their confident nature, but sometimes their attitude can go too far and align more with shameless egomania, assuming the world revolves around them. They can lose their cool when people don’t kiss their ass because they’re quite sure they’re better than everyone else. Very sensitive to criticism, they can dish it, but they can’t always take it and can resort to belittling those around them. Desperate to fit in, these arrogant and possessive people aren’t strangers to temper tantrums. Did I mention stubborn, vain, and self-absorbed? Rose-colored glasses? These big cats are perpetually gazing into a rose-colored mirror.

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