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June 11, 20210

There are two sides to Leo. One side loves drama; therefore, they love sex—the mystery, the anticipation, the intensity of a first kiss, the thrill of a make-up fuck. Sex is another opportunity to live life—and Leo loves to live. Create a passionate and romantic environment with flowers, silk sheets, plenty of candlelight, and music to set the mood. If the setting looks like it could potentially be on the cover of a romance novel, you’re good.

But if you’ve ever observed the state of pure bliss a meditating cat radiates, then you know there is a mystical side to Leo—they are royalty, and in many cultures throughout history, that meant they were connected to the gods!—one that’s eager for connection to realms beyond the material. Behind Leo’s love of materialism, sex—whether it’s during masturbation or with someone they deeply care about—creates a portal for them to connect with a higher power, to their partner’s spirit, or to their own inner voice.

The ultimate pillow queen, Leo wants to lay back and relax while you worship their body. In fact, the more, the merrier! Bring some friends to help you fan and feed them like royalty while they lounge on their throne. Speaking of pillows, make sure they are silk or velvet (preferably a passionate red or royal blue). Leo wants to be in luxury!

The submissive Leo may enjoy scenes and roles where they can lay back and be stroked. Experiment with BDSM because the gentle lion may enjoy performing acts for their partner—or spankings, if done correctly! However, when Leo is the dominant one, they can easily take the role of king or queen with their servant, leading to some hot power-play actions.

Whether your Leo lover is dominant or submissive, they need to feel like they are the center of attention. This is especially true in a group sex scenario. Take sexy Polaroids of them or bring a mirror into the bedroom. They’re exhibitionists, and while not every Leo is an outdoors person (some absolutely love it, while others wouldn’t be caught dead camping in the woods), a make-out session in a park will usually get them going. Bending them over in a bar bathroom is a spontaneous and striking move any Leo can appreciate.

Be dramatic. Moan, grunt, put on a show—but more importantly, make it clear that you’re enjoying the Leo Show: tell them you love seeing, hearing, feeling them get off. Leo also loves the satisfaction of getting you off, so communicate. Tell them what you want, so they can prove their prowess to you.

Remember, Leo rules the heart, so tell them yours will break if you can’t have them right then and there. Leo loves make-up sex, and the drama of coming together after a difficult time is totally thrilling to them.

Nothing will kill a Leo’s mood more than being criticized! Their favorite part of lovemaking is feeling beautiful and cared for, and don’t ever forget it.

Playing it cool works for getting their attention, but not in bed.

Sex that feels like a chore is their signal that the passion has died. Expect them to either whip up some drama or to dump you.


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