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June 11, 20210

How can you not take love seriously when you’re the sign that rules the heart? Love is the meaning of life for Leo. Without love, what’s the point? With a flair for the dramatic, Leo loves productions and theatrics. A relationship that’s punctuated with excitement certainly keeps the spark alive, but of course there is more to Leo than that: Leo is looking for their equal in loyalty.

Leo’s love is protective and nurturing, eager to heal and grow their heart with yours. Just like a lion, Leo’s pack is important to them. Leo is a responsible and reliable partner, and they’re attracted to people who are as considerate as they are but who have unexpected or unique qualities—Leo wants a partner who is unlike anyone else in the world! Leo knows that the more love there is in the world, the better place it will be. And despite their love of theatrics, when they make a promise, you can be sure they’ll hold it close to their heart.

First Impression
Leo has a big presence. Whether they’re rocking big hair (or a beard) and big sunglasses or wearing something flashy, they have the aura of a celebrity, and when you first meet them, you are starstruck. They are confident, and even though they exude such power and poise, they’re usually very warm and friendly, too. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is a sunny person, indeed. Their star power makes them hard to miss, and they don’t even need to be intoxicated for them to be convinced to dance on a table at a nightclub. They’re the ones singing the most ambitious song at karaoke. But they never embarrass themself. This big cat is too regal and poised!

If you meet them online, you’ll notice their photos are usually of them at a party, surrounded by friends, traveling someplace exotic, or posing with some over-the-top prop. Or maybe it’s a “behind the scenes” image of them at the gym or trying on clothes—they like to give their fans an inside look!

As much as Leo loves their loud prints and wild outfits, you’re actually much more likely to run into them wearing something very polished. They love tailored pieces, as well as their signature metal, gold. Leo is the lion . . . like any cat, they know intuitively whether they want their head scratched by you or whether they would rather turn away and look out the window to something else more interesting . . . so be interesting. Don’t be afraid to be yourself or stand out from the crowd. Leo loathes a poseur, but falls head over heels for someone who isn’t afraid to do their own thing.

Flirting Technique
Yes, Leo loves compliments; however, being pursued too hard is a huge turn-off for them. They enjoy winning someone over, so when you first meet them, playing it cool and aloof will leave a bigger impression than fawning all over them, or worse, showing off your muscles—let them show off to you.

Leo is truly a big cat. When you first meet a cat you would like to befriend, do you shove a toy in its face, chase it around the house, and demand to pick it up? No! You give it space. The fastest way to make a cat your friend is to be aloof, and then they’ll be on your lap in no time. It’s the same with Leo. Of course, this doesn’t mean they don’t love to be courted, complimented, and catered to. You just need to be cool. Leo loves flirting, so keep the banter light and keep the spotlight shining on them, not you; don’t chat with them about your vacation plans—ask them about theirs.

Leo is a sign that loves to have a good time, so show them how fun, generous, and creative you are—buy a round of drinks for your friends at the bar, host a fantastic party, invite them to a gallery show you’re a part of, and casually introduce them to well-known people in your scene. Leo loves meeting new people and enjoys feeling connected. If you can boost their social life in some way, that will pique their interest.

Leos either love or hate PDA—you’ll have to find out which sort of Leo they are. Leos who love PDA will gladly show off their romance to everyone, but the kind who avoid PDA usually, like celebrities do, dislike them because they want their space and privacy—people gossip about them so much, you know. Give them plenty of verbal affirmation while still giving them some space, allowing them to miss you and chase after you.

Dating Style
If you have the means to whisk your Leo lover away to an exotic location, do it—Leo loves spending time in paradise, documenting their journeys in photos to show their friends at home, not to mention having sex on the beach during a spectacular sunset. So dramatic! If travel isn’t something you can pull off for Leo just yet, take them someplace fabulous, where people go to be seen and mingle with the rich and famous. Leo loves to party, so take them to one.

A group date where you know the participants will be open to talking about sex, religion, and politics is also a good idea. Leo loves to connect with intellectuals and share ideas with new friends. Leo thinks they want dramatic, long-stemmed roses and candlelit dinners, but in truth, they just want to party, have fun, share stories, and live life—those long-stemmed roses will get destroyed after Leo’s night bar-hopping. But that doesn’t mean your Leo lover doesn’t want a nice bouquet every now and then! Be sure to treat your Leo to some romantic gestures.

Relationship Approach
Leo loves security—they are a fixed sign, after all, so they’re wonderful partners. They stay true to their word and, as much as they love to party, Leos are generally responsible people. Loyal and honorable, Leos are incredibly trustworthy partners who will treat you with respect. They’re looking for someone who will rule right next to them, and they know how to treat their queen or king. As possessive and jealous as Leo can be sometimes, they can easily feel compassion for their lovers, making them a great fit for a polyamorous relationship. Leo just wants everyone to be happy!

However, there is a side to Leo that can be frustrating. For many Leos, the best part of romance is falling in love . . . then, it’s all downhill if the flirtation, the chase, the drama, or the excitement ends. Flirting is one of the things that keeps Leo alive, so you must keep the mystery going. Invite them out for a date, but keep the location a surprise (that said, take them someplace you know they adore—Leo can be quite picky!). Mental stimulation is important to them. They like to argue and debate, as long as no one is getting seriously hurt. Leo loves to shout because it helps them get out their fiery passion, but the last thing the cuddly lion wants to do is make someone cry.

As outgoing as they are, they also really need to spend time alone. It’s crucial that Leo has space to reflect on their needs, as well as to have time to be creative. Leo has a lot to give—but if they’re always performing onstage, when will they have time to mess around in the studio?

It is rare to get a second chance with Leo, especially if you hurt their pride. Once they’ve dumped you, you won’t be welcomed back into the fold. That said, if you dump them, and they feel that you were just too inexperienced, unintelligent, or unintuitive to see what you had, they’ll gladly take you back once you’ve come to your senses and realized that they’re the only one for you . . . if only to save face. Leo hates to be humiliated! So, if you want a Leo back, be prepared to eat some humble pie.

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