MiscellaneousWhy you should believe in astrology predictions?

October 25, 20190

I always see people contemplating or getting confused, does astrology predictions work ? should they believe in astrology?

Let’s talk about Physics for sometime before dwelling in the world of astrology predictions.

Physics is the study of matter, motion, and behavior through space and time and how science is defined. Science is a systematic study of nature in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.

Initially, Physics believed that matter is made of one kind of element which is indivisible, and they called it an atom. After that, through an experiment, a scientist proved that atom is not an indivisible particle, and he discovered the first subatomic particle electron. Subsequently, we found the nucleus and then found that the nucleus is made of proton and neutron through numerous experiments. We also observed duality having both wave nature and particle nature. A new branch of Physics originated called Quantum Physics. Now, we are studying sub particle inside proton and neutron, you must have heard about Boson (The god particle).

Even after so much of advancement, we don’t know accurately what is the source of mass in the matter. Gravity being the weakest force in nature,  we don’t know how it works. To know gravity, we have first to understand the source of mass

As one can see how our understanding of matter has evolved in the last five centuries, but we still haven’t reached a concrete conclusion.  Science is changing its model every day, what we know today is getting proved wrong tomorrow.

Let’s talk about the tide. The tide is the result of an interaction between Sun and Moon on Earth. When Sun and Moon both align in a line, the gravity force gets added, and its effective result can be seen in the sea in the form of high tide and low tide.

Our body is made up of 70% of water. It would be incorrect to say the interplay of gravity between Sun and Moon can not influence the human body and mind. It has been observed that on the day of the new Moon and full Moon, the emotions of people go extremely up and low. There is increased activity in the human mind, and we have also seen a sudden jump in crime on these two days. If a planet like Moon, who is so far from the Earth, can influence Earth’s water, why it can’t affect us.

When a type of atom defines the qualities of matter, in the same way, type of matter can define the qualities of a planet. Each planet is composed of different type of matter, so the nature of gravity would be different from each planet. I believe someday our science will prove this thing.

Astrology has a unique way of representing and interpreting each planet’s energy and it tracks the movement of the planet in different zodiac belt which is nothing but a group of stars arranged in a pattern. The energy emitted through a group of star combines with the energy of the planet and influence us in our life.

Using the above analogies we can clearly say that heavenly bodies such as planets, stars have a direct influence on the emotions, feelings, and others.

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