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October 26, 20190

Astrology predictions are the way through which we understand the influence of the planet on our life. Let’s take an example and quantify the influence of astrology predictions.

Case 1

There is a person A who believes that his success/result is entirely a function of his effort and karma, and he completely ignores any luck/surprise element and continuously putting the same effort every year.

In reality, there is never 100% conversion of one’s effort into result, I have factored this thing using a gain/loss multiplier, which can take the value of -30% or +30% for the sake of simplicity. I have named it as Support from Planet & Stars.

So over five year period, his total result would be 530 units with an effort of 500 units. It translates into a gain of 6%.

Case 2

There is a second person B who believes that his success/result is not entirely a function of his effort, and there is always a surprise (luck) element that plays a significant role in the desired outcome.

So person B goes to a good astrologer and consult the favorable and unfavorable time for specific events, and accordingly, the person optimized his effort for the desired result.

B’s support from Planet & Star is similar to A, but B has optimized his effort basis for the feedback from astrologer.

So over five years, his total result is 602 units with an effort of 500 units. It translates into a gain of ~20%.

I believe now you can see the difference, how astrology has made an impact in the life of B with respect to A, even when

  1. The effort of both A and B are the same
  2. The support from Planet and Stars are the same for A and B

So to get the desired result, what you need is an honest and optimized effort as per feedback from a good astrologer.

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