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June 12, 20210

“Predictable” is rarely a word used to describe Aquarius; however, in bed, you may find that your Aquarius lover has certain ol’ reliable routines, kinks, toys, or techniques that regularly work for them. Don’t mess with their process! Call them “boring” for their routines, and expect to be called judgmental and never hear from them again. Never kink-shame anyone—Aquarius in particular has been called weird too many times in their life to need to hear it from a partner.

Aquarius is totally up for experimenting and trying new things, too, and they’ll be excited if you open up to them about what turns you on. Approach them directly; if you beat around the bush, it might confuse them. As an Air sign, Aquarius values verbal communication, from talking dirty to discussing boundaries.

Aquarians have a lot on their minds—declutter the space and make the bed nicely for them so they can forget about the world and focus on the moment. Get them going by having lots of dirty talk—Aquarius needs mental stimulation. Aquarius has a voyeuristic streak, so show them how hot they make you.

On a spiritual level, partner sex and masturbation are opportunities for Aquarius to merge their minds with their bodies.

Uranus, one of Aquarius’s planetary rulers, governs electricity, so any high-tech sex toy is welcome in the bedroom. Porn is great, but Aquarius likes video chatting with real people as well, or being invited to a sex party. If you’re with a shier Aquarius, have them describe to you something they saw once that really turned them on, and then recreate it together. They are often voyeurs or exhibitionists (or both!).

Pick up some sexy uniforms to bring into the bedroom. Role-play doctor and patient, or cleaning person and homeowner. Play truth or dare—ask them about their most perverted fantasies, and then dare them to explore the possibility of trying it with you.

Innocence and purity are things Aquarius often gets off on, although the Uranian side of Aquarius is often attracted to rebels and weirdos. Submissive Aquarius enjoys taking orders or doing tasks. A dominant Aquarius will enjoy making a checklist of chores and requirements for their sub to accomplish, and being ruled by Saturn, can take on the daddy or parental role easily.

They’re turned on by a partner who is versatile and flexible, so be sure to pleasure them with both your mouth and your hands! Don’t leave any part of their body unpleased—be thorough!

Immaturity is a big turn-off—badly timed gross fart jokes, squealing childishly (particularly if it’s with disdain) over something you see at a sex toy shop, or not practicing safe sex are no-nos.

Aquarius is a great friend who is happy to listen when a pal or lover feels insecure about themself. But in the bedroom, be as confident as you can—if you continually apologize for the zit on your face while you two are warming up, things could cool down, as Aquarius will become more interested in getting you zit cream than anything else.


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