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November 16, 20190

Not considering the Bhav Chart is a serious mistake in making accurate astrology predictions. That’s why good number of astrologers are failing in making accurate astrology predictions.  Most of the newbies and experienced astrologers only consider only the Rasi Chart and Navamsa Chart. It’s true that the Rasi chart is the starting point in astrology but considering only the Rasi Chart in astrology lowers the accuracy to only 33%.

Here are the explanations…

Signs (Rasi) and Houses (Bhav) are two independent things in astrology. Signs are fixed positions in space and planets move in these Signs with respect to time. While House is the result of the rotary movement of the earth on its axis with respect to Rasi.

Please go through this post for a better understanding of the Bhav Chart.

Based on the degree of overlap between Signs and House, I can classify them in three types of cases.

Case 1. Easy Complexity Birth Chart

When your House and Signs perfectly align with each other on the boundary line.

For example –

This is possible only when rising sign in the eastern horizon is at 15 degrees exactly. Then the house and sign boundaries will perfectly align with each other.

Analyzing this type of birth chart is straightforward – As the lord of 1st house is Venus and so on..


Case 2. Moderate Complexity Birth Chart

When your House and Signs slightly align with each other on the boundary line.

For example –

Analyzing this type of birth chart is a little difficult

1) As the boundaries of 1st house are extending to Gemini so both Venus and Mercury will influence the matter related to 1st house.

2) Planets will shift to either left or right in the Bhav Chart. For example –

If a planet is in Gemini at 2 degrees, it will move to 1st house as the boundary of the 1st house is till 5 degrees in Gemini. But in Rasi Chart the planet will appear in 2nd house, so we will make an incorrect conclusion if we only consider Rasi Chart.


Case 3. High Complexity Birth Chart

When your House and Signs do not align with each other on the boundary line.

For example –

Analyzing this type of birth chart is very difficult, one will be very prone to doing mistakes if not analyzed carefully.

1)Here the lord of 1st house is both Venus and Mercury contributing 50% each.

2)Most of the planets will change position in the Bhav Chart with respect to Rasi Chart.


To make accurate astrology prediction one must need to factor in the Bhav Chart.

On the basis of the degree of ascendant we can say that if someone is not considering Bhav Chali chart, his accuracy would be only 33% assuming uniform distribution.


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