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March 19, 20210

IAS (Indian Administrative Services) are the backbone of the administration of the country. Even after the change of political parties, it is these government servants who keep the work in progress. These are the highest-paid government services and every student, interested in studies, someday or the other aspires to become an IAS officer.

Every event in our life is represented by certain combinations and connections in astrology and this is also the case with becoming an IAS officer.

For getting into the IAS, first of all, the ascendant has to be strong and in very good dignity. Apart from that, since it is a royal position to work in, the royal planets and signs of astrology should also be considered which are the Sun and Moon and their signs Leo and Cancer. Before we start discussing their connections with important houses and signs in the chart, let’s first understand what these planets represent.

The Sun is your soul, government, authority, energy, etc., whereas the Moon is your mind and emotions. These two planets are treated as kingly planets and are also considered luminaries in Astrology. Since IAS are connected with the government at all times, the dignity and placement of these planets should without question be considered.

Now, in order to get into IAS, the Sun and the Moon must be linked with the 1st, 8th, 9th, or 10th houses by any means or be associated with their lords in the chart. Otherwise, one will not be successful in IAS. Also, there is an essential thing to understand here that houses 6th, 8th and 12th also play an important role in getting into government services even though they signify hardships in life.

For example, the 6th house is considered when talked about promotion or extension as it indicates the fortunes of service. Similarly, the 8th house represents ambitions in service and the nature of work. So the association of these houses with the 10th house in any way can prove to be very beneficial. But most importantly it is the 9th and 10th house from the Lagna that must be strong in the chart as the 9th house is your luck and fortune.

You can be highly knowledgeable but if your 9th house is weak then your merits will remain unrecognized. Our sages have also said ‘Na Dhan Balam Na Paurusham,
Bhagyati Phalti Sarvatra’ means that it is the fate of the person which brings in success and not their expertise and sincere efforts. Luminaries(Sun & Moon) connected with the 10th and 9th house increases the chances of the individual getting into the IAS or if both these houses are linked to each other in any way.

The Karmic control planets also play a vital role as it is believed that the fate that we enjoy or suffer today is because of our past life karmas so the dispositors of Rahu and Ketu should have a link with the luminaries or the 9th and 10th house and same is with Venus as it bestows
all the luxuries to the people in IAS.


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