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October 27, 20190

Astrology reveals the inner nature & potential of person. Using astrology predictions a person can avoid big troubles in his/her life. It also indicates the type of situations and experiences that are likely to happen in one’s life. The advantage of understanding a birth chart is that it allows one to consciously develop or grow as per inner strength and ability, as indicated in a birth chart. A proper reading of the birth chart can help a person in avoiding great misfortune. It allows people to sail through their difficult times smoothly.

When you know beforehand that your time is not running right, and you can experience some difficulties in some areas of life. You will be very calm during a tough & difficult situation. You will patiently wait for your unfavorable time to get over.

When you ignore astrology and believe that only you and your actions are responsible for any outcome, your situation becomes very different in a difficult time. You will lose your peace of mind and will face mental anxiety and hypertension. Your energy will be wasted too much in an unfavorable period. There is a high chance that you may miss the excellent opportunities provided by the upcoming favorable period.

A birth chart or horoscope is a map of planets & stars influencing in different areas of our life. We have grouped Stars based on their pattern and classified them in Zodiac and twenty-seven nakshatras. We track the movement of nine planets in these zodiacs & nakshatras and qualify their influence in specific areas of our life.

A birth chart is like a compass which allows us to sail smoothly in our life. Without a birth chart or guidance of astrology, you lose your self-awareness. You attempt to move haphazardly, becoming entangled into deeper webs of karmas and also face negative of your thoughtless action. Astrology allows us to navigate smoothly in our lives and let us accomplish our goal with the least resistance.

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