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June 11, 20210

Virgo loves a wholesome vibe, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to feel you up while you two are watching TV under the quilt their grandmother sewed.

So much of Virgo’s life is measured and controlled; they’re very analytical people. However, sex and masturbation are opportunities for them to step away from their controlled lives. Sex is a time to be in the moment, to express their heart’s desires without overanalyzing them, and to really be alive. Spontaneity turns them on.

Virgo is the sign of service, and that certainly extends to the bedroom, where they’re very eager to please their lovers and to explore their own sexual needs.

To help Virgo get in the mood, pitch in to get their chores and tasks done so they don’t have something nagging at them when they want to unwind. Walking in on you cleaning the counter might be enough to get them going—Virgo has been known to feel up their sweetheart while they do the dishes.

Virgos are very tactile individuals. Massage is a wonderful way to get Virgo to unwind and be in the mood. They do so much for others, so ask what you can do for them. Virgo does like variety, so keep things interesting by trying new positions and finding different ways to pleasure each other.

They are particular people, so don’t be surprised if they have a very specific kink! Your submissive Virgo wants to worship and be a slave to you, while the more dominant Virgo will likely want to brand or take ownership of you in some way—sub or dom, they take on the roles of boss or servant quite well. Virgo wants to do a good job! Be sure to reward them when they do. Virgo loves uniforms, so don’t toss out your sexy nurse or sailor outfit from Halloween. (Well, unless it has stains all over it from fake zombie ooze; in that case, toss it out! Virgo hates a mess.)

As visual people, they can be voyeurs; however, sometimes they aren’t watching because it turns them on, but simply because they’re curious how other people do it! Virgo can be a little nosy!

Virgo often likes the glossy, porn star look, as well as manicured hands and groomed body hair. Sex parties excite Virgo; even if they don’t participate, they’ll usually have fun watching, and will enjoy doing something naughty, if only for the novelty. Adventure is more important to Virgo than many realize—any activity that’s focused on trying something new with someone they love is a turn-on.

Sexual health is very important to Virgo. Being irresponsible about this is a huge turn-off.

Despite being a mutable sign, in many ways, Virgo can be very rigid and a perfectionist. However, in bed, it’s very important for things to be flexible. If you only have one way that you like to do things, this may not work for them in the long term.

Virgo loves a quickie, but sloppy they don’t do: be showered, sober, and honest about your wants and needs, physically and emotionally.

Running into an old lover while they are working is their biggest nightmare. If you pick your Virgo lover up after work and they’re rattled after having seen their ex at a meeting, give them some time to decompress.

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