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June 11, 20210

Deep in the woods, squirrels are burying acorns, bees are buzzing, a fox is on the hunt, and a tree houses a flock of sparrows. To some, this may seem like chaos, but to Virgo, all of this is in perfect balance: each animal and plant plays its part.

An Earth sign, Virgo, in a word, is practical. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is all about communication and assessment of information. As a mutable sign, Virgo is the last sign in their season—in this case, summer. They are the analysts of the zodiac, taking critical notice of small details, hardworking, and eager to be of service.

Purity is a key feature of Virgo, but Virgo isn’t just the perfectionist that pop astrology would have you believe. Yes, they know that practice makes perfect, but they’re also on another search: the search for self-discovery. Learning who they are and how they can be of service to the world is a major part of their destiny. How does love fit into all of this?

At Their Best
Analytical, productive, prudent Virgo has a fantastic work ethic, and is witty with a keen eye for details. Diligent Virgo is an excellent helper and loves being of service to others. Young at heart, Virgo is modest, gentle, and thoughtful. Virgo loves animals and nature, and though this sign is often associated with perfection, Virgo knows in their heart that flawlessness can be found in the design of the universe; therefore, we are all perfect.

At Their Worst
Virgo never outgrew their awkward phase, and these self-pitying control freaks are overly critical nitpickers who often hold others to a higher standard than they hold themself. Calculating, they overthink everything, and can have trouble minding their own business. Secretive, skeptical, and petty, Virgo can also be a cynic and a hypochondriac. They can be as messy as they are fussy.

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