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June 11, 20210

Purity is certainly a theme tied to the energy of Virgo; however, don’t be fooled by their name. Virgo is an Earth sign, and they are very physical—and very lusty. They love to connect with others, intellectually and sexually, and these cerebral people can even flow with no strings attached when the mood strikes. But Virgo does fall in love . . . and when they do, it’s deep and long-lasting.

Virgo takes love seriously: They approach romance like they do their work, which is to say, with total focus and responsibility. They throw themself fully into it! And they expect the same in return—someone who will be there for them emotionally and physically. As reliable a partner as Virgo is when they are in love, one thing to realize about this deep-thinking sign is that they do need their time alone—it helps them recharge and stay creative. When the right balance between space and togetherness is struck, Virgo is able to thrive.

Not much is a mystery to down-to-earth, logical, grounded Virgo . . . but love is, and they like it that way. There’s a mystical side to Virgo that is often overlooked by astrologers; there is a part of them that can speak to nature and connect with the cosmos—they’re not sure how it all makes sense, but it works. Love is part of this same spiritual side to Virgo’s life. And as much as they appreciate their solitude, they also crave deep connection.

First Impressions
Virgos often keep to themselves, yet end up in the busiest places. If you meet them in a pub, you’ll probably see them sitting off to a corner with a cocktail, reading a book, rather than schmoozing at the bar. Online, you’ll notice how particular they are about when, how, and where you meet. Virgos aren’t always the easiest people to approach—they’re busy, you know! But when you do make eye contact, you’ll see that this person who often keeps to themself has a bit of a trickster’s sparkle in their eye; they are youthful, and, once the ice is broken, as friendly as they are helpful.

They’re clearly smart. When you look at them, you can tell there is a lot of inner dialogue going on. Virgo is an intellectual, and loves to talk about the real meaning behind whatever art, current event, or idea they’re inspired by at the moment. Their clothing style has a chic, utilitarian vibe to it, and they like to keep things simple (though they do like to mess around with their hair, beards, and makeup).

Flirting Techniques
Intellectual connection is very important to Virgo. Virgo loves to flirt, but they like to flirt with someone who is sharp and witty. As serious and dedicated to their work as they may be, they are also seduced by people who are cool—those in a scene, VIPs at local venues, or those in the know.

Self-conscious Virgo is always a little surprised when someone unexpectedly hits on them. Me? they ask. They may not respond to you out of fear that you meant to call out to the person behind them or that you texted the wrong number. Call them by their name when you flirt, so they know you’re talking to them. Make them feel seen.

Virgo works hard, and like anyone who spends a lot of time being presentable, responsible, and professional, Virgo likes to really have fun. They live by the motto “play hard, work hard.” When texting with your Virgo, send lots of dirty messages (inject some humor, as they love a good dirty joke!) and nudes, but be sure to have good lighting, please! And no dirty socks on the floor!

Dating Style
Much has been said about hardworking Virgo being the sign of service and purity. But, trust me, they do like to let their hair down. Whisk them away for a weekend exploring a beautiful beach, traipsing about in a city, or dancing the night away. Virgo also appreciates historic places, filled with stories, so spend a day with them at the museum, or have a drink together at the oldest tavern nearby. Virgo likes to stay up-to-date about art and culture—less so with pop culture, but definitely the avant-garde, underground, and up-and-coming—so visit a gallery together or go see a concert by an artist they admire.

Virgo loves a routine; however, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to try something new. A date where they get to learn a new skill, as well as smooch with you, is their idea of fun. Perhaps a day at an archery range or indoor rock climbing? Pottery making is also a Virgo aphrodisiac.

Virgos are born event planners: plan a group dinner for close friends where you two decide on the location, caterers, music, decor, invitations—the whole to-do!

Relationship Approach
Whether you’re in a polyamorous or a monogamous relationship with Virgo, scheduling is extremely important. You’ll find a shared online calendar to be very helpful. Scheduling time for one another is very important to Virgo, not just because they are control freaks who need to know what they’re doing and when, but also because they like the emotional security of being in a routine with the people they love.

Many people think the concept of a routine and romance are incompatible; however, it’s through consistent practice, routine, and ritual that magic happens. When we can schedule time to connect with the people we love, we’re able to stay grounded in such a busy world that’s filled with texts, tweets, and status updates. Routine doesn’t need to be something that’s forced onto a relationship—Virgo likes seeing how a routine will naturally fall into place with someone, which is something that can take time, but is worth it to them. They’re spontaneous, too. Because they have such packed schedules, if they can randomly see you for a coffee between gigs, they’ll love it.

Virgos do like to check in throughout the day, so sending a message to ask them how their day is going is very much appreciated. Virgo is the sign of service, so you can bet that they’ll be there for you. Return the favor by being there for them, especially to help them unwind and relax, perhaps by rubbing their feet at the end of the day or cooking them a delicious and healthy meal. Just don’t try to clean up their office for them as a surprise while they’re away—their desk might be disorganized, but they know where everything is!

Flexibility within relationships is really important to Virgo—just as important as routine. They know that even the strongest bridge will collapse if it’s too rigid, so some sway is needed. If flexibility isn’t given, the less mature Virgo may fib or cheat to maintain the front that everything is under control, while the more mature Virgo has the confidence and communication skills to discuss their needs when they come up.


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