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June 8, 20210

Taurus is not in a rush. Taurus is focused on the present. Like a cow that serenely sits under the rays of the warm Sun in a field of heather, Taurus takes their time to recognize and appreciate life’s pleasures. What a wonderful moment to be in the moment.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus explores pleasure through the five senses. From tasty meals to luxurious fabrics, Taurus wants the best from this world. Money and beauty, too, are important in Taurus’s realm.

As the first Earth sign on the zodiac wheel, Taurus is attracted to the material realm, and as a fixed sign (the middle sign of a season, in this instance, spring), Taurus is just that: fixed. Some would say stubborn, others might say persistent. But without their diligent perseverance, how could development ever take place?

Fertile Taurus’s energy is massively creative. What fantastic things may be born from Taurus’s secure sphere? One must wait and see, because things may move slowly in Taurus’s world, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be surprised!

At Their Best
Stylish and luxurious, Taurus has wonderful taste and wants to surround themself and the people they love with beautiful objects, delicious food, and opulent environments. Their generous and sumptuous spending is offset by their fiscally responsible nature.

They generally have a relaxed attitude (unless you wave a red flag in their face, but to be fair, that would annoy anyone). Peaceful Taurus is not looking to pick a fight, just for some delicious snacks. Creative and inventive, Taurus typically has many valuable talents for any team. Despite their love for lounging about, they tend to be quite productive. Taurus’s unwavering, determined, and steadfast attitude makes them reliable and hard workers, and loyal to their friends and family.

At Their Worst
Taurus will often lose interest in astrology after reading that they are stubborn—and of course, in true Taurus fashion, they never read their horoscope again. Because they are so inflexible, compromise isn’t something that comes naturally to Taurus; however, possessiveness does. They are persistent—annoyingly so. They can also be materialistic, greedy, grumpy, and boring to be around, and they’ll respond to your questions with monosyllabic answers if they’re upset. Will they dump you? No, that would require change, which is something Taurus just doesn’t do too often. Until, of course, they’ve been pushed over their edge—then run, because a charging bull is a scary sight, indeed!

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