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June 12, 20210

Everyone’s heard about sexy Scorpio, the most alluring sign in the zodiac. Their reputation seems like a lot to live up to, but they don’t have a hard time keeping up with it at all!

To Scorpio, sex is a merging of souls, a powerfully spiritual experience. They are intense lovers, very passionate, and they put every inch of their being into their lovemaking. During masturbation, the union they achieve with their inner truth is one that’s healing and often is an important part of their spiritual practice, too.

Scorpio typically loves kink, and will likely have a few books about BDSM, S&M, or fetishes in their library, as well as a whole trunk filled with toys. Scorpio is intense, and kinky sex can lead to altered states of consciousness and psychological benefits for them. Even a scorpion who doesn’t necessarily want to do anything kinky in bed will usually enjoy talking about kinks, and will at least likely be up for exploring yours by attending workshops together, going shopping for sex toys, or just listening to your stories about whatever it is you’re interested in. If you are more “vanilla” in bed than Scorpio, be sure not to kink-shame them.

When you’re setting the scene for sex with Scorpio, be sure to bring plenty of drama to the bedroom: silk or velvet sheets, expensive lingerie, a roaring fireplace, and some mirrors on the ceiling.

Tell them the dirtiest thing that you’re into. Even if it’s not especially dirty, letting them think that you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone else about it and that they’re the only one you can trust to give this information to is a major turn-on for them! They love feeling powerful and important, and they love a partner who isn’t afraid to be kinky.

Any kind of role-play that highlights a power dynamic or that requires lines like “I shouldn’t be doing this to you, but . . .” is a turn-on. Being bad feels good to a Scorpio! Being ruled by Mars, Scorpio may want to explore impact play (think paddles, whips, spanking), and being ruled by Pluto, Scorpio finds any kind of control in bed a turn-on. Role-playing where you pretend to be strangers will appeal to Scorpio: Any fantasy that includes mystery will get them going. Scorpio is very imaginative, and this quality shines in the bedroom—they’ll be up for pretty much any scene and will have an easy time taking it anywhere.

Scorpios are extreme people, and that extends to the bedroom—but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to take control in bed. The submissive Scorpio will enjoy feeling totally used by their partner. Scorpio, in everyday life, is very emotional, but the dominant Scorpio may swing to the other extreme—the cold, hard master who takes no shit from their sub!

In group sex scenarios, Scorpio wants the extreme—all holes filled. Scorpio is very visual, too, so while blindfolds are fun for sensory play (which they do enjoy), they’ll likely want to rip them off after a while so they can watch your body connect with their own.

Each sign rules a body part, and Scorpio rules the genitals (as well as the excretory system—I’ll let your imagination take that from here). Worship their genitals or have them worship yours! Mutual masturbation is also a fun way to heat things up in the bedroom. Sex is very psychological to Scorpio, so describe to them what you see them doing in detail, and explain how it makes you feel.

This has been a very raunchy chapter—but know this about Scorpio: Sex is a spiritual act for them. Being with a partner who is present is their biggest turn-on.

As I created the outline for this book with my apprentice, they asked incredulously, “Scorpios have turn-offs?” I didn’t know how to answer them—it’s true, not much turns the scorpion off! But there are a few things: Kink-shaming a Scorpio is certainly a bad idea. Bad kissing is a no-no—be in control of what’s happening with your mouth, as a sloppy tongue will gross them out.

Privacy-conscious Scorpio is also going to be cautious about filming a sex tape together, so if this is something that really turns you on, approach this idea mindfully.


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