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June 12, 20210

Sagittarius wants to live life to the fullest, and that includes fucking. Sex should be big, loud, and passionate. But as fun loving as Sagittarius may be, there is a deeper side to them—one that you might not see if you just have a casual romp with a Sag (and they do have many!).

They crave safety and security in the bedroom, much more than they realize when they first begin having sex. Feeling protected and safe unlocks deep sexual fulfillment for them. Sex and masturbation are a big part of how they ground and center, how they strengthen their aura, and how they move through life while balancing all the emotions these adventurous people face on their journey.

Remember, “more is more” to Sagittarius. When you’re setting the scene for lovemaking, don’t just bring one bottle of wine—take them to a whole winery. Deck out the room in their element, Fire. Candles are fine, but a roaring fireplace is better. Fireworks in the night sky are best. An airplane bathroom works, too, if you two are fine with tight spaces. Fire signs thrive on drama and spontaneity!

Intellectual Sagittarius needs mental stimulation. Send them suggestive texts throughout the day, and then make them guess where to meet you after work—all that anticipation and puzzle solving will have them eager to take your clothes off.

They are size queens, and a fully charged vibrator should be kept in the bedroom at all times. They have fantastic stamina, so do your best to keep up with them! Their sign rules the hips and thighs, but having a nice backside is also a plus.

Massage them: oil them up, give them a deep tissue massage, and then begin teasing them sensually.

Group sex is great, gang bangs especially . . . if a huge party can’t be arranged, being double teamed is quite fine, too.

The submissive Sagittarius runs free most of the day, so during sex, they might get off on the total opposite, being tied down or collared, snuggling up on your lap, purring like a domesticated cat. These are things that dominant Sag is into as well; they also enjoy scenes where they are the master, or even a cult leader.

Sagittarius gets off on love, so don’t be surprised if they drunkenly proclaim their love for you while they orgasm, even if your hookup is clearly a one-time-only thing in a bar bathroom.

They are very physical, have lots of stamina, enjoy trying out new positions, and likely own a copy of the Kama Sutra.

They’re okay with a quickie, but if you can’t pull any all-nighters or marathons (they’ll stay in bed with you for days, getting up for brunch or a smoke, then hopping back into bed), you’ll need to get with it.

Don’t judge them for their past. Yes, it’s not fair—Sagittarius is very judgmental—but past sexual encounters are not something they care to defend or explain to a new lover. It’s in the past!

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