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June 12, 20210

An archer nocks their arrow onto their bowstring. A moving target off in the distance is struck. The shot seemed impossible . . . but luck seems to follow Sagittarius wherever they go.

Of course, it’s easy to be lucky when you’ve got the ability, the smarts, and the energy to put yourself in the right place at the right time. Ruled by the planet of abundance, Jupiter, Sagittarius is an optimist, open-minded to all possibilities. As a mutable sign, meaning their sign falls at the end of a season—in their case, autumn—Sagittarius is curious, a philosopher and communicator who is committed to learning and sharing information. Armed with knowledge and eager to take chances, Sagittarius always seems to have good fortune come their way. Above all, Sagittarius is a seeker—of knowledge, pleasure, spiritual growth, and, of course, love.

At Their Best
Cultured and well traveled, broad-minded Sagittarius values tolerance, honesty, and knowledge. Positive thinkers, these optimistic, festive people are filled with gratitude for the good things they’ve been blessed with and the things they’ve worked hard for. Uninhibited and bighearted Sagittarius seizes life, thinks large, and stays on the go. Adventurous and spontaneous, they are visionaries, deep thinkers, and spiritual, and have a fantastic sense of humor.

At Their Worst
Sanctimonious Sagittarius rides a very high horse and is one of the rowdiest partiers you’ll ever meet. They say all the wrong things, at the worst times, and being as blunt as they are gets them into trouble. Prone to exaggeration and carelessness, they can be reckless and impatient, as well as impulsive, pretentious, arrogant, and inconsiderate. The know-it-all Sag can come across as holier than thou.

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