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June 12, 20210

Sagittarius wants to run free—but that doesn’t mean they always want to run free alone. This adventurer certainly goes on solo missions, but having someone to share the journey with is definitely something they desire. They just need someone who can keep up. They’re attracted to witty people who share their thirst for knowledge—and their occasional need to have a rowdy, fun time. Sagittarius might be half human, half horse, but really, they are half nerd, half party animal, and they’re attracted to people who satisfy both needs.

Sagittarius believes in love at first sight and wants a partner who can be their best friend. Don’t ever try to “tie down” a Sagittarius, but know that if they love you, this loyal Fire sign will always try to do right by their partner. While a Sagittarius can sometimes be a rule breaker, that doesn’t mean they don’t deeply care about doing the right thing. They approach love like they approach all things: optimistically, full of life, and with an open heart.

First Impressions
Sagittarius may have been partying when you first laid eyes on them—their boisterous laugh is infectious. There is, however, a very studious side to them, too, so it is just as possible that you met them in the school library, studying away. Or, perhaps you first met them on an airplane, on their way to their next adventure.

Sagittarius has eclectic taste when it comes to fashion, often wearing items they’ve picked up on their many journeys. They love shopping, and they’re just as generous with the people around them as they are with themself. Sagittarius doesn’t dwell on scarcity—they see the plenty in the world, everywhere.

Charismatic and a great storyteller, Sagittarius surely has something exciting to tell you as soon as they meet you. They are natural salespeople, and by the time they’re done talking about whatever it is they are excited about, you’ll be a believer, too.

Sagittarius has fantastic aim, so it’s likely that whatever your first impression is of them, it’s the one they wanted you to have, whether the archer is looking for love or any other kind of relationship. They’re also very blunt, and their straightforwardness can be either refreshing or a turn-off!

Imagine a holiday dinner: Friends and family gather around a massive feast, everyone gives thanks before digging in, drinking wine, laughing (someone might be crying, too), giving each other gifts, and telling personal stories (some that may be slightly exaggerated). That’s Sagittarius’s energy.

Flirting Techniques
It’s easy to be enamored by Sagittarius—they’re so smart, and they love to have fun. Sagittarius is attracted to social and spontaneous people who are intellectually curious, so in order to attract the archer, show how confident and adventurous you are.

It’s a cliché icebreaker, but it works with Sag: ask them where they could go if they could take a trip anywhere in the world. Discussing spirituality is also a great way to get Sagittarius talking—even if they’re an atheist, they’ll have some passionate things to say about the subject.

Ask them about politics, their favorite book, or how they feel about a social issue. They are full of opinions, and they love sharing them. Asking someone questions about themself is obviously a great way to connect—people love talking about themselves, after all—but Sagittarius is especially eager to share their ideas, and an open, listening, thoughtful ear is sure to put them in a good mood.

They are straightforward people, and they’ll appreciate you being direct about your interests; however, it takes more than thinking they are hot to leave an impression on them. You see, most people see the sex appeal in Sagittarius, a sign that’s never had a hard time getting someone’s number in a bar or a swipe on a dating app, but not everyone can pique their interest intellectually, which is really how you get a Sagittarius to think you’re someone special.

Just want a one-night stand? Be straightforward, and it’s likely Sagittarius will completely rock your world for the evening. But if you’re hoping to get to know them on a deeper level, you have to connect intellectually. There are two sides to Sagittarius, the Centaur archer: the bottom half that’s hung like a horse and the top half, a human with a bow and arrow. They can mount anyone and have a good time, but that’s not enough to please the human side of them.

Dating Style
Sagittarius loves to travel and explore, so if you can swing a trip for two to an exciting city, do it! Sagittarius loves exploring other cultures, so however you can incorporate that into your date, try it. Don’t plan too intense of an itinerary: Sagittarius likes to keep things flexible during a date.

If you’re staying in, remember that Sagittarius loves to indulge: get a bottle of wine or some weed (if it’s legal where you live), grab a massive bouquet, cook up a big dinner, and make sure there is dessert, too. Sagittarius craves one-on-one time; however, they’re also very social, so if you invite some close friends to enjoy the meal with you, and then promptly kick them out after dinner for some lovemaking time, that will make Sag quite happy.

What else makes Sag happy? Shopping! Sagittarius gets a thrill out of consumption—of knowledge, booze, food, or consumerism. Take them someplace that has vintage pieces, antiques, jewelry, or games (they do have a very playful side).

Sagittarius also has a spiritual side, so go on a walking tour of places of worship, or go on a weekend silent retreat (just kidding—they can’t keep their mouths shut, so a yoga retreat will do!), or visit a tarot card reader together. Even better, give each other tarot readings; Sag will enjoy the intimacy of discussing the images and meanings of the cards as you flip through the tarot book together.

Relationship Approach
Get a passport, because being with a Sagittarius means seeing the world. Being with adventurous Sag also means you will need to keep an open mind. Sagittarius, despite a reputation for being a player, is one of the most loyal people, but they need space to do their own thing from time to time.

Don’t try to control Sagittarius—they decide when and with whom they settle down, and settling down to them doesn’t mean sitting quietly. They’re still going to go on escapades, see the world, and enjoy life . . . you just get to do it all with them! They also want their partner to put in an equal amount of effort when it comes to “taking the lead.” They don’t want to be the only one setting up dates or making plans—both should be involved.

They are famously blunt, so you can expect them to be straightforward with you about settling down, marriage, children, and what they’re looking for in their future.

Sagittarius lives life with the attitude “bigger is better” and “the more, the merrier,” so they often are interested in open relationships or polyamory. They must learn, however, to schedule their time well and not make too many promises to too many people. They aim to keep their promises, they really do, but an immature Sag tends to say Yes! to everyone when they should really check their calendar first. Whatever sort of relationship they are in, they stand by the people they believe in until the very end.

Being with a Sagittarius means being on the receiving end of their brutal honesty. If you can’t handle the truth, this isn’t the sign to date.

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