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June 12, 20210

Pisces’s artistry extends into the bedroom, where they enjoy living out their many fantasies: They are up for just about anything, even though they can be protective about discussing their needs in bed until they really trust someone. Ask them what their fantasies are—this dreamy sign is sure to have a few!

They are romantic, passionate lovers who often tap into their profound intuitive abilities while making love. Go slow with Pisces in the bedroom—being rushed is a turn-off for them; however, that doesn’t mean they are totally averse to quickies, especially if it’s to say “goodbye” before you two head out.

Don’t be surprised if they stare deeply into your eyes, as if they’re expressing something to you psychically. Do your best to open up and receive the message! Tell them they’re the sexiest person you’ve ever met. Be romantic and sexy, but not sappy. Yes, Pisces is a total sap, but keep it out of the bedroom—they want to hear you speak to them in a sexy tone of voice, not a mushy one, while in bed!

Pisces tends to walk in danger’s way, but they really need safety in bed, so romance them by creating as comfortable a space as possible. Light an incense you know they love, dim the lights to a comfortable glow, and make sure there will not be any distractions or disruptions, like buzzing cell phones or screaming neighbors.

Through sex with a partner or masturbation, Pisces achieves the sort of unity that their spirit longs for. Life is messy for these fish—and connecting sexually helps them achieve a feeling of balance; things just make sense after Pisces orgasms.

Pisces is generous, both in bed and out, and while they probably won’t remember what you spent on their birthday gift, they will remember if you were stingy in bed.

Pisces rules the feet, and while I could suggest you massage them, kissing them reverently is even better: Pisces wants to be worshiped! Pisces may be passive in everyday life; however, in the bedroom they can be unexpectedly dominant, enjoying taking control, teasing their lovers and making them beg for more.

Whether dominant or submissive, Pisces enjoys the fantasy aspect of sex, and wearing costumes or setting imaginative scenes turns them on. A submissive Pisces often enjoys doing tasks for their partner, or simply surrendering to their every wish.

Feed them dessert slowly, and then have sex on the dinner table. Pisces needs variety as much as they crave safety in bed. Speaking of safety, let them know you will protect them—hold them close, and let them know that you can be counted on.

Being any kind of fake or phony is a huge turn-off for Pisces. Never tell them you worship the ground they walk on if you don’t.

Safety and privacy are important for Pisces to feel like they can open up in bed. Don’t suggest live-streaming your romp unless you two have already established that you’re both into it!

Never kink-shame anyone, but especially not Pisces; if they expose themself so vulnerably to you, it means they really trust you. Let them know what your limits are early on if you’re worried you might unknowingly kink-shame them, so they’ll know, for example, not to let you in on their furry fantasy.


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