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June 12, 20210

Fantastical and whimsical, Pisces wants to be swept off their feet. Yes, they’re fish, which means they have fins, but romantic Pisces is a poet who doesn’t mind a metaphor. But there is a secret side to Pisces, as well. They need to hide sometimes. They enjoy being alone, in the dark, especially by the ocean, where they can listen to the waves and process their many emotions—both happy and sad. Recharging is important to Pisces—and so is love. They really believe in it, and when they find it, they cherish it.

Pisces seeks growth, understanding, and unity—love is part of how they achieve this. But finding happiness can be hard for Pisces. Being told they are too imaginative and sensitive can make them second-guess themself and reality.

It’s also easy for them to get wrapped up in someone else’s ideas about love: Pisces can become anything for anyone, but that doesn’t mean that’s what’s good for them. The faster they learn this lesson, the sooner they’ll find fulfillment in relationships with people who appreciate who they are instead of morphing into a weird version of themself for someone else. Pisces gives and gives, sometimes feeling uncomfortable taking, asking for help, or saying no. Boundaries are an important lesson for Pisces to learn, and when they do, their relationships transform into much healthier, happier ones.

First Impressions
When you meet a Pisces, you’ll notice that they talk out their thought process, especially if they’re busy, feel nervous, or think you’re cute. Because these fish frequently overbook themselves, get flustered, and love to love, it’s likely that all three scenarios are the case. They can be clumsy, as this cosmic Water sign can lose track of where they end and you—or the table, or the corner of the wall they’re about to stub their toe on—begin. But they can also be graceful.

They often love dance, art, and music. They may be carrying a strange book when you first meet—aliens, astrology, unsolved mysteries, or detective stories: if it’s weird or whimsical, they’ll like it. They might smell like patchouli, but you’ll get used to it, just like you’ll get used to their love of loud and eccentric fashion.

These visionary people, who sometimes get lost in their heads, are craving union, ecstasy, enlightenment, and connection with something bigger, greater, beyond us. If they’re overwhelmed by their surroundings, they find themself “checking out”—propagating their flaky or dreamy reputation—in order to preserve their energy. Encounter Pisces in a physically—and psychically—comfortable location, and you’ll be struck by their intuitive abilities and what a great listener they are.

Flirting Techniqes
Pisces doesn’t have the biggest ego, but like any of us, they love compliments, so break the ice with a personal compliment to get the conversation going. If you two meet online, be sure to have a variety of photos for Pisces to peruse—this sign loves photography and hates a limited selection of anything.

If they catch your eye in person, see if you can get a mutual friend to introduce you—as friendly and flirty as Pisces might be, it can be draining for them to be approached by a stranger unexpectedly. As you’re building rapport, be clear that you’re romantically interested, because the “do they like me/don’t they like me” noise will be stressful for them if it’s not clarified quickly. And don’t bet that they’re always going to be clear about asking you if you’re interested, because these fish can be shy, and they don’t like to be embarrassed.

Do share some of your vulnerabilities—they want depth. Flirtation that’s too light and airy won’t make the impact you need. Dreamy Pisces might seem ditzy, but don’t be fooled—they crave intellectual connection. Having something smart to say about a movie you recently saw or a book you just read is a huge turn-on.

Dating Style
If they ask you out (which, if they do, congrats, because these fish are bashful), they’ll likely suggest something that involves music, art, nature, or an activity that takes you two out of mundane, everyday life.

Take them to get food someplace that only locals know about—they love being insiders, but don’t necessarily care about the pomp that comes with being VIPs. Have them garden or walk your dog with you—they’ll be touched, not annoyed, that you want to include them in your daily routine.

Being organized and having a schedule helps keep Pisces feeling safe and contained—they adore people who have it “together” in this regard; however, spontaneity comes naturally to them, so expect to be asked out on some random dates!

Relationship Approach
The sometimes flaky Pisces knows there are many fish in the sea. If they’re not interested in committing, you probably won’t have to wonder for very long, because they’ll be out of your line of sight before you can ask, “What are we?”

But not all fish flake, and many are totally comfortable in commitments, especially if you two are able to process your emotions together productively. Whether you’re in a monogamous or polyamorous relationship, if you are kind and open about your needs you’ll rarely see them jealous or possessive, although they can be paranoid. In polyamorous relationships, it’s important that all parties discuss how much they want to disclose for there to be open and ongoing conversations about boundaries.

Allow them to be open with their needs, too, and don’t judge them—if you do, issues like paranoia about what you’re up to behind their back may come up, or they might get up to something behind your back. If you want to settle down, don’t frighten your Pisces by alluding to the idea that you plan on doing an over-the-top marriage proposal in public, with song and dance. PDA is a no-no, especially if it’s too mushy; the attention it will draw to them is a lot for them to handle!

If you argue with your Pisces lover, avoid using clinical jargon that sounds like something you pulled from a book about effective communication—this is sure to piss them off. They want to talk about feelings, but are very annoyed by emotions being theorized or talked about in a contrived way. They want to know they’re fighting with you, not the author of a self-help book (which, honestly, is one of their guilty pleasure favorite genres!).

Also, don’t be unnecessarily negative. They already know life can suck. They are well acquainted with the feeling that “I didn’t ask to be born!” The world’s pain weighs on them heavily. Whining about how stupid a friend’s outfit is and being pettily negative is a turn-off.

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