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June 10, 20210

Waves crash—a powerful rush, followed by the ocean gently pulling back—on the shore where the crab calls home. Home is an important theme to Cancer. Their crab shell is symbolic of their journey toward developing a life that is safe, protected, and sturdy, capable of deflecting the bullshit life tosses at them and holding them while things are running smoothly.

Ruled by the Moon, a symbol for the womb, Cancer is extremely affectionate and caring, and just like Luna’s shape shifts day by day, Cancer too has many sides: sometimes they are full, dramatically shining brightly for all to see, and sometimes they retreat to the dark, to cool off and spend time in solitary reflection.

It is the first Water sign on the zodiac wheel and a cardinal sign, making Cancer the first sign of its season, which in this case is summer. Psychically and emotionally sensitive, this Water sign expresses their cardinality through their tenacity and ability to shield, hold, and protect.

At Their Best
Protective and nurturing, the crab is a superb listener, a caring friend, and a devoted lover who will treat you like family. They are tenacious, and despite their sometimes shy disposition, they bravely fight to achieve success in whatever field they are passionate about. Their homes are havens of peace and harmony, where you can always have a cup of hot tea on a cozy couch. They have profound emotional depth, making the crab feel deeply and highly intuitive.

At Their Worst
Moody and defensive, the crab can jump to conclusions. They expect total understanding from everyone around them, and assume others to be mind readers. As nurturing and protective as they can be, they can also lie, cheat, and be sneaky. There is a dark side to the Moon, and these crustaceans can be full of shit. They can be very clingy—those crab claws have some real pinching power. But these crustaceans can easily become ghost crabs. Small and cowardly, they can be too wimpy to resolve an issue, choosing to retreat rather than deal with confrontation, which is in sharp contrast to their bold ability to start drama.


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