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June 8, 20210

Passionate Aries loves to have sex and doesn’t want to wait long to do it! They immerse themself fully in sex: loud, hard, dirty, fast, and full of fireworks is typical Aries lovemaking.

Aries is fine with quickies—as long as there are many of them! They don’t want to go long between lovemaking sessions, and while a quickie is cool, a night full of passion is still what their heart desires, so make sure to enjoy plenty of long evenings with your ram. They crave fireworks, and a fireworks show that only lasts a few short minutes is lame!

Have a big imagination—sex is a form of escape from the pressures of everyday life for Aries, and they enjoy fantasy between the sheets. That said, opening up about their kinks can be hard for them unless they know you won’t judge them, so show yourself to be open-minded. Tough Aries doesn’t get a chance to be vulnerable every day, so keep that in mind when they share something private with you!

Aries is the sign that rules the head, and yes, they’ve got a lot of intense stuff going on in their minds, even if they seem so confident on the outside. Sex is a form of healing for them, and they find lovemaking and its ability to ground them in their bodies and to explore their psyches through role-play highly therapeutic.

Turn Ons
Be in a state of wonder and awe when you have sex with Aries, and make it seem like everything is your first time. That said, there’s no need to pretend you are a virgin (well, actually, that’s not a bad role-play idea with Aries!), but saying things like “Wow, I’ve always been a heartbreaker, but now, for the first time, I want to see where this could go,” or “No one has touched me like that before” can really turn them on. But only say these things if you mean them!

Firsts aren’t the only things that get them off; being the best is important, too, so let them know how amazing they make you feel.

Aries is very dominant in their everyday life, so surprisingly, in the bedroom they often appreciate being able to give the power to someone else, taking on a more submissive role. A submissive ram is likely to have a bratty side, while a dominant Aries enjoys being the boss, or being royalty, or even being a caretaker in some way. Whatever the role, they’ll make you remember that they’re in charge.

Hard and fast is how Aries approaches everything, but if you’re able to help them slow down and really feel what’s happening, they’ll be putty in your hands. Encourage them to masturbate for you, as they love being the object of someone’s attention, especially if you take an active role by caressing their face, kissing them, playing with their nipples, or otherwise lending a hand while you watch them touch themself.

Aries is a size queen, so be sure to get a dildo that’s at least larger than average if you are going to get them a sex toy. A whip or riding crop isn’t a bad idea, either, as this Mars-ruled sign can certainly get into BDSM. But as thrill-seeking as the ram may be, Aries also has a thing for cuteness, whether that’s pigtails, knee socks, or a freshly shaven face (although scruff has its place in Aries’s heart, too; it depends on the mood!).

Depending on the vibe, pull or caress their hair while you are fucking them. Aries rules the head, and activating their scalp will go a long way in pleasing them.

Turn Offs
Energetic Aries doesn’t want a lazy lover. Don’t be afraid to be theatrical in bed! If you don’t seem turned on, they will be turned off. Grunting and squealing is a good thing in Aries’s eyes, and don’t tone down your o-face.

Falling asleep immediately after sex without any time to connect can annoy Aries. Aries may be a warrior, but they are still the baby of the zodiac (they’re the first sign!), and they want to be held, connected with, and cared for.

Aries wants to be number one, so don’t mention any other lovers within a few hours of wanting to get into bed with a ram. That said, if you’re in a group sex scenario, Aries absolutely loves to feel like the center of attention, having each part of their body attended to by a different person.


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