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June 8, 20210

Whoosh—the mesmerizing sound of a flame bursting forth from a match . . . fire is born. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac wheel and a Fire sign, has fought and achieved a miracle: birth. After this success, what’s next? Aries is excited to know. They’ve achieved that difficult step, so surely they can do anything. Passionate and eager, Aries is ready to take charge of everything life has to offer them.

Aries (Sun Sign) is used to being in first place. They are the first cardinal sign, marking them at the beginning of the season—and in this case, the first season is spring. This distinct place on the wheel makes the Ram an enigmatic force and a strong, independent leader.

Ruled by the planet Mars, they have a strong, independent nature, and figuring out who they are is the ram’s mission. They are constantly learning how to put their strength, leadership, and ability to fight to productive use. But being independent doesn’t mean being alone.

At Their Best

Energetic and fearless, Aries is a pioneer and a leader who takes no one’s bullshit. They have incredible willpower and are inspiring to be around. They’re optimistic, but they don’t just sit back and assume things will get done—this is a sign who makes things happen. A loyal friend, they’ve got a big heart and are immensely generous. They’re not only one of the most fun people, but they’re also one of the most steadfast. They’re the ones to take you seriously when you’re sad and eager to lend a sympathetic ear. Always a fighter, Aries is consistently willing to go to battle on your behalf and combat whatever is bringing you down. Driven and focused, they find a way to make their failures successes, and they stay fixed on their goals, head butting any obstacles that get in the way.

At Their Worst

Aries has a fiery temper—but don’t tell them that, they may blow up. Sometimes arrogant and confrontational, they have a tendency to pick fights when they are bored or haven’t had enough physical activity (or sex). Being the first sign makes them a little naïve, and because they are blessed with beginner’s luck, they tend to act foolishly and impatiently. They have a hard time slowing down, and it takes a lot of falls before they learn to look before they leap. When working with a group or on a team, they take control without any prompting, but then pout that no one appreciates or understands them when asked to step down from being the self-appointed boss. They find it absolutely incredulous that someone would dislike them—clearly, they are amazing and there must be some misunderstanding. Indeed, Aries always knows best. They may be the infant of the zodiac (but they weren’t born yesterday, you know), and it’s their way or the highway.

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