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June 8, 20210

Aries can have a short attention span; however, their deep need for love, as well as their loyal nature, outweighs most of their flighty behavior once they meet someone who wins their heart. Indeed, winning is a theme in Aries’s life. Don’t be confused. They’re not competitive because they want to triumph over other people—honestly, they hardly notice that anyone else is around as they ram their way through obstacles. They win for themself and on behalf of those they love. Aries is all about overcoming whatever trial has been set before them. Aries is the champion of the underdog—and they’ll fight for love, even if all the odds are against them. And they deeply want to be with someone who believes in them. Aries isn’t looking for a “worthy opponent” in love (although they do really enjoy playful wrestling with their lovers!), but one whose strength they admire, who will fight for them as hard as they fight for those they care about.

First Impression
Your first impression of Aries really depends on whether or not you were, somehow, in their way when you met them. Did they crash into you as they were dashing to the bathroom at a party? Did you interrupt their stride as they were on their way to an important meeting? If so, you likely met bossy, fearless Aries: a touch angry and in a rush, they probably blew right past you. There is, of course, another side to Aries (still probably in a rush, ready to pick a fight), who is also genuinely excited to meet you, eager to have a good time (a game of truth or dare is likely if you meet at a party), and totally magnetic. Aries is a fearless person. Although they should not be messed with, they are extremely fun-loving.

They’re probably wearing red, driving a sports car, or sporting a bold hairstyle. Unafraid to make a statement, their clothes are often over the top, but sometimes they can surprise you in something totally casual, perhaps even some sportswear thrown in, even in circumstances that might call for something more formal. No one can tell Aries what to do—and that’s likely the first impression they’ll leave you with!

Flirting Technique
Aries is spontaneous and impulsive, and they’ll likely give you their number before you even have a chance to ask for it. If you meet an Aries online, don’t delay meeting them in person for too long, or they’ll move on to someone else quickly.

Aries loves making the first move—in fact, if you’re too forward, too quickly, it’s likely you’ll lose their interest. Being pursued too obviously at first makes them feel uncomfortable, but once a rapport has been established, feed their desire for passion and excitement by boldly stating how hot they are. That said, simply asking how their day went also goes a long way with Aries—being genuinely interested in them makes them feel mushy, romantic, and cared for.

Once you two are a little more cozy and affectionate, you can flirt with your Aries by giving them a nice head rub while you watch a movie—Aries rules the head, and nothing gets them drooling like a scalp massage.

Dating Style
Let Aries plan the date—unless they tell you they long for someone else to do the planning (and they will tell you very straightforwardly if that’s what they want).

Aries, a pioneer, is always discovering new things and finding something to be excited about—and they want to share these experiences with the people they care about, so expect to be given a tour of the places Aries is inspired by and interested in on your date. If it’s your turn to plan the date, keep it flexible in case spontaneous Aries comes up with something in the middle of your outing (very likely!).

Aries usually has a great time on group dates, so long as they know they will have quality one-on-one time with you, too. A barbecue with friends on a sunny day, wrapped in their lover’s arms—they’re into public displays of affection (PDA)—laughing, without a care in the world, sounds like heaven to most Aries. The ram is equally as comfortable in the grittiest dive bar as they are in the VIP section—they’ll go anywhere, as long as the company is good and the vibe is exciting.

Relationship Approach
No matter the relationship format, monogamous or polyamorous, Aries longs to be number one, so be sure to make your ram feel like they’re being put first. Be present with them as they express their feelings: independent Aries doesn’t ask for much, but when they do, they need to be able to depend on their partner. Aries are loyal and honest as partners (they’ll dump you if they realize they would rather cheat on or lie to you), and they expect the same kind of integrity from the people they are in a relationship with.

Homemaking doesn’t come naturally to Aries; however, it’s still something they deeply crave, and a partner who can create a home, cook, and help clean is often something that feels like a “missing piece” in Aries’s life. Once they find their passion, Aries is serious about their work and needs a partner who is sincerely excited about their success and won’t be jealous or competitive. Aries wants a partnership that’s a united front, with someone who takes joy in their success . . . if you can’t do that, then you’re just another jealous hater to the ram!

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