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June 12, 20210

A winter storm finds you snowed in. In this log cabin, there’s no internet, no television, no radio, no telephone. What brilliance can be born from what most people would consider boredom? Welcome to Aquarius’s mind.

The genius of the zodiac, this Air sign’s mind never shuts down. A fixed sign, meaning their sign falls in the middle of a season—in this case, winter—Aquarius has focus and fortitude. A perennial scholar, Aquarius loves to study how things work, whether the subject is cutting-edge technology, home remedies with backyard herbs, or relationships and the people around them.

Unconventional, Aquarius creates their own path and stays true to who they are. They become fully immersed in whatever subjects or social scenes interest them. They’re fantastic organizers and networkers. Ruled by Saturn, they’re mature and serious, but ruled by Uranus, they crave freedom, making them reliable, yet unconventional, people.

At Their Best
Aquarius is a totally original, unique, visionary, progressive individual who values free thinking, innovation, and experimentation. These humanitarians are eager to raise the consciousness of those around them. Aquarius is a deep thinker, ambitious, and brilliantly inventive when they’re able to focus their powerful mind. Revolution follows Aquarius wherever they go.

At Their Worst
Aquarius overthinks things, getting stuck in their own heads and replaying scenarios, making them tense and exhausted. They can be stubborn when they are convinced of something: they don’t want to feel like all that overthinking to get to where they are now has gone to waste! As cool and aloof as Aquarius may be, when they lose their temper, you can expect them to be cutting and mean. They know that words hurt, and they know which ones will slice you.


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